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Biophilic Design for Your Commercial Building

by Roni Cohen | Dec 18, 2019 | Blog, Commercial

Architects and commercial property owners are always looking for ways to make their buildings more comfortable and appealing to tenants. In recent years, they’ve also been increasingly aware of the importance of green design for reducing their carbon footprints.

The good news for these professionals: There is a way to accomplish both goals with the same approach. Biophilic design seeks to bring elements of nature into an indoor environment. By doing so, it helps create a more calming, peaceful setting. The benefits are numerous, ranging from faster recovery times in healthcare facilities to boosted productivity in offices.

There are many ways biophilic design can be incorporated into virtually any workspace. For example, you can utilize skylights and adjustable window shades to increase the amount of a room’s natural lighting. If the property sits near a forest, river or another natural feature, architects can maximize the view employees have of those elements in a work setting.

The use of patterns, textures and colors that mimic or recall the outdoors also contributes to this style. One of the most important ways to achieve look and feel is to use building materials such as wood, stone and perforated metal. Adopting biophilic design principles can do more than improve your properties’ appeal. They also help to improve sustainability and help to reduce energy consumption.

For additional ideas you can use to successfully meld the outdoors and indoors, see the accompanying infographic. It contains a number of facts and tips to help you get a handle on how to bring this change to your facilities.

Biophilic Design from Accurate Perforating Company.

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