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Modular Buildings Mean Safer Buildings

by Mark Brown | Aug 16, 2018 | Blog, Commercial

With all the varied requirements and needs for businesses and their workers within the commercial sector, it is vital that safety standards and regulations are still adhered to and met at the highest possible level. This is particularly true when constructing a new building for a business and within the finalised construction when being used.

For many years there has been a misconception that modular buildings somewhat lack in this respect and that attitudes towards outdated pre-fabs from over five decades ago have misguided some opinions on the safety of modular buildings. However, in today’s modern world, this misconception could not be further from the truth. In this article we’ll explore and explain why the modern modular building is in fact one of the safest building methods in the world.

Client Involvement

The first reason why modular buildings are particularly safe is that their construction process involves the client and/or contractor from the start and continues to build upon that relationship even when the end product has been completed. This means that every component, design feature and all additions are chosen by the client, ensuring every detail meets their own internal industry standards and regulations.

By making the design process entirely bespoke and flexible, modular buildings can meet the needs of any commercial sector to an exacting and professional degree with no compromises or shortfalls.

Factory Precision

As all components of modular buildings are produced in a highly regulated and specialised factory, this means there is not a part of the building which has not been precision engineered and rigorously checked. TG Escapes’ LTD design and manufacture using these principles to ensure every part of every modular building we produce is to an exact blueprint without any external factors or compromises effecting its quality and durability.

Offsite Construction

It is a fact that construction sites are one of the most dangerous places to be in the commercial sector. With the risk of debris falling, high level building operations, adverse weather conditions and a plethora of other hazards, onsite construction often has risks around every corner.

However, as modular buildings have their components almost exclusively constructed offsite and in regulated factory conditions, the dangers inherent within building sites are significantly reduced. Not only does offsite construction speed up the building process but it also ensures a safer and less disruptive construction site with less workers needed and less construction materials/vehicles required to complete the project.

With this safe and minimalist approach to construction, modular buildings also result in much less disruption to the surrounding area when being constructed, preventing the chance of collateral danger significantly to those working around the site.

Registered Excellency

TG Escapes doesn’t just produce modular buildings that are much safer than traditional constructions. We are also registered members of CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme), NAPIT, (National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers), and CIBSE, (Chartered Institution of Build Services Engineers), organisations which have all accredited our design and construction methods as being at a standard of excellence and meeting all health and safety regulations.

We only employ trusted professionals and use approved construction methods and factories to ensure every part of every modular building we create is not only satisfactory to the clients needs, but also meets all health and safety benchmarks, before, during and after construction. Due to the precision and exacting standards set out in the design and followed through in construction, modular buildings are far more likely to remain safe and secure environments for workers and future occupants.

If you want to find out more about the quality and regulatory standards of our buildings, or even your FREE survey today, you can get in touch with TG Escapes here.

About the author

Mark Brown
Consultant at TG Escapes - Mark has spent time growing up with the army, studying computing before the internet existed, and founding The London Classic Theatre Company, self sustaining for over 25 years. He trained in marketing with Unilever before moving into advertising as a strategist with Leo Burnett, Creative Director at Starcom and founder of award winning creative agency Weapon7. He has a passion for eco buildings and helps run the social enterprise Street Wisdom, providing free creative walkshops around the world.

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