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7 Ways To Spend More Time In Your Garden This Spring

by Robyn Fletcher | Apr 26, 2016 | Blog, Residential

It’s spring, which means (hopefully) the weather is improving and we can start to spend more time outside. For some unknown reason, many people with gardens don’t spend as much time enjoying them as they should.

If you have a lovely outside space, then why not use it? Getting fresh air is good for you, and being outside surrounded by nature is beneficial for your mental health. Just seeing the colour green can make you feel more relaxed and improve your mood.

So what are you waiting for? Find an excuse to get out in your garden and take advantage of the warmer months. Here’s seven ways to spend more time in the garden.

1. Take up gardening

If you aren't already into to gardening, then considering doing some gardening this spring. You don’t have to become a pro, just learn enough so that you can spend a few hours a week in your garden making it look nice. Gardening is also a great way of keeping fit and active. Go out and get yourself a beginner’s guide to gardening, or ask an expert for help and get gardening this spring. You could completely transform your garden by the summer.

2. Try mindfulness and meditation in the garden

A lot of people do meditation inside, because it seems like the most obvious and easy place to do it. However, you may find it far more relaxing outside in your garden. You can listen to the sounds of the birds and the bees, and will probably find it easier to unwind. Just make sure you are warm enough and you find a comfortable area to sit or lay down.

3. Read or write outside instead of inside

If you have some work to do, you don’t have to work inside all day. You just need to set up a table and comfy chair outside, with some shade so that you can see properly.  Simply being outside can inspire you to be more creative and help you to get fresh ideas. In the springtime, if you enjoy reading, try and take your book outside and enjoy reading in the garden, instead of in bed or on the sofa.

4. Swap time on your phone or tablet for time in the garden

Nowadays we are spending far too much time on mobile devices and surfing the web. It’s not good for you to be online 24/7. Make an effort to switch off from the digital world completely by spending time in your garden, without your phone or computer.

5. Eat lunch, breakfast or dinner outside

Why eat your meals inside all the time when you can enjoy them in the sunshine? If the weather is nice, take your food outside and enjoy a few quiet moments in your garden. Although it’s not quite warm enough yet, BBQ’s are a fantastic way to make the most of your garden and spend time outside. National BBQ week this year is May 30th to the 5th of June.

6. Exercise in your garden

You can actually do quite a lot of exercises from the comfort of your own garden, even if you don’t have any equipment. If you don’t want to do something to energetic, grab your yoga mat and do some yoga in your garden. Or if you love working out, you could have your own private gym built in your garden.

This is a guest post by David Denholm

David is an expert on recycling and is passionate about helping to save our planet. He regularly writes for environmental, eco-living and recycling websites and is a key writer for, a company that sells recycled plastics.

Image Copyright alexraths / 123RF Stock Photo

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