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by TG Escapes | Oct 4, 2013 | Blog, Residential

After eighteen years of washing, cooking and cleaning for them, this may have been the autumn your children embarked on the next stage of their lives and, after cramming their bedroom into a car boot, headed off to Uni. So now you’ve been left with a full fridge and an empty room, have you had any ideas for how to use the extra space?

While turning their bedroom into a study the first weekend they’re gone might not go down so well, an outdoors room where they can catch up with old friends or bring new ones to stay will help encourage their new-found freedom even when they return home with fresher’s flu and dirty clothes.

If you’re in need of a room for you or your growing family to spread into, a Garden Escape could provide the extra space you’re looking for. Forget the disruption, noise and unreliability you may associate with building projects and choose a company that offers a hassle-free, bespoke service tailored to your needs. Our team of friendly, experienced designers will listen to your requests and ideas and work around your natural space to create, in just 10 days, an environment for teenagers, parents and friends to enjoy.

With as many rooms as you need and the option of installing a separate washroom or kitchenette (fruit and vegetables not included!), your new eco-room can give teenagers and guests alike the space and privacy they need. The Booths in Seer Green commissioned just such a space for their three children, so they could have somewhere to “escape to” for some much-needed privacy.

“The new clubhouse is a place where we can enjoy family games or give our teenagers some privacy, without leaving the back garden!”, said Mr Booth.

Of course teenagers aren’t the only ones in need of some extra space so if, like the Dampiers, you’d like a Garden Escape where you can spend more time on a hobby or take up a new one please get in touch to learn more about it, or to arrange your free consultation.

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