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Gym Germs and Other Reasons to Exercise at Home

by TG Escapes | Aug 27, 2014 | Blog, Residential

So, we all know not to eat nuts at the bar or to help ourselves from the bowl of Imperial mints at your local Indian restaurant……if you don’t, take the advice. But how much thought have you given to the bacterial levels present on the weights, bike seats and shower walls and floors at a public gym? And then there’s all the other stuff that make it so easy to not go.

The travelling time and expense (not to mention the cost of membership). Watching other people drip sweat all over the equipment and casually moving on to their next bit of kit without so much as a cursory wipe. The public humiliation of red facedly wheezing and puffing, dripping your own sweat as armpit and crotch stains bloom, while someone tries to strike up a conversation with you. The even worse indignity of the communal changing rooms, as you try to change without looking like you care about how you compare with the beautiful body next to you, languidly rubbing moisturiser into her perfectly toned abs. Oh, and the mirrors everywhere…I know how I look, it’s why I’m there. I could go on, but suffice to say, I prefer to get sweaty and puce in the privacy of my own gym.

If there were one thing, however, that public gyms have in their favour it has got to be the air conditioning. Okay, so it doesn’t remove the stench of bodily odours, but it does make the process a little more comfortable on a hot day. A Garden Escape home gym does not mean you have to forego this luxury. Using our AA rated wall-mounted remote controlled combined air-conditioning / air source heating (an ingenious system whereby heat is extracted from the atmosphere to provide heating - like a refrigerator circuit in reverse) you can control the temperature in which you work out, to suit yourself, whatever the weather.

And then you really can dance (squat, thrust, sweat and flush) like no one is watching. Pop a shower room in the corner (mirrors optional) and you can get clean, without either germs or Miss/Mrs/Mr Perfect Abs for company. 

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