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Healthy Space for Complementary Therapy

by TG Escapes | Apr 23, 2014 | Blog, Residential

The complementary and alternative therapy industry is growing rapidly in the UK. Over 6 million British people consult over 120,000 practitioners, spending almost £300m annually: a figure that is rising by 10% or more each year.

From chiropractors to reflexologists and masseurs to homeopathists, the general public is increasingly looking for an alternative to traditional medical practices. Indeed, there is a growing recognition amongst medical professionals that complementary therapies have an important role to play in healthcare.

As consumers we have become much more aware, and wary, of the side effects of many chemical medicines and a significant proportion of GPs now refer their patients to alternative therapists as a natural complement to their traditional ministrations. If you have seen your own practice benefit from these trends, you may also be finding that the space you are currently using is becoming increasingly inadequate.

The Anglo-American John Muir once said that “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” So what better space for a complementary therapist to tend to those seeking their expertise, than one that is both natural, beautiful and healthy?

A Garden Escape can be designed to provide the perfect, tranquil environment in which to treat your clients. Whatever your trade, you and your customers will be bathed in brilliant, natural light in a space that is comfortable and serene. We use the very latest in ecologically sound materials and technologies to create a sustainable, elegant therapy suite. A unique combination of intelligent and site specific design, high insulation values and high-performance energy saving technologies ensure that our buildings earn a 'A' rating if and when they need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Your studio will be kind to the planet and your pocket and provide a peaceful place for your patrons to heal.

Take a look at the film to see how a Garden Escape can make an inspiring yet tranquil Yoga Studio.

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