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How to build a garden room

by Karl Stokes | Oct 29, 2019 | Blog, Residential

  1. Foundations go down - either concrete or low impact screw piles.
  2. Commence construction with the vertical timber frame and SIP panels.
  3. Create and position the roof structure on to the top of the garden room. Cedar cladding can be added to that the building is well protected from the elements.
  4. Draught sealed doors go in - standard, normal or bi-fold doors.
  5. The finish is applied to the timber according to your taste.

Here is a video showing the stages of how to build a garden room build with construction pictures day by day.

When we meet new customers, they are always keen to understand what the build experience will be like for them? How much disruption will there be? What will be the impact on my garden? How long will my garden room take to build? What will the garden room design and build team be like to work with?

So, to give an idea we have put together a photo story of a recent garden office project so you can see the process from start to finish. This project took 7 days from start to finish.

Garden room foundations go down.

Day 1. Foundations go down. In this case concrete but in many cases where root systems are nearby we will use low impact screw piles.

Modular garden room components and materials

Day 2. The modular components and materials arrive on site in a single delivery.

Then construction starts with the timber frame and SIP panels.

Garden office build in progress by The Garden Escape (5).jpg

Garden office build in progress by The Garden Escape (6).jpg

Garden office build in progress by The Garden Escape (7).jpg

Garden room roof goes on

Day 3. The roof is now on. This one will have a sedum roof for a natural look which also help with water run off. We can also incorporate sun pipes and solar heating or PV panels. Cedar cladding has been added so the construction is well protected from the elements.

Garden room doors go in.

Day 4. Doors go in. These are draught sealed and can be treated hardwood (Douglas Fir) from sustainable sources, or powder coated aluminium. We can offer bi-fold or sliding doors as well as standard opening. Internal plastering takes place and connections hooked up.

Garden office build in progress by The Garden Escape (10).jpg

Day 5. Almost there now. Just the finish to go.

Garden office build in progress by The Garden Escape (11).jpg

Day 6. The finishing touches are made, all connections complete and the build team look happy with their work.

Garden completed garden room.

Day 7. The finished garden room sits naturally in it's surroundings with an attractive sedum roof. Now the team just need to clear the equipment from your garden and you can create the garden room you have always dreamed of.

Garden Office by The Garden Escape 2 - Desmond croppedlr2.jpg

The finished product, a fully furnished, energy efficient cozy garden office with fantastic natural light and beautiful views. Perhaps best of all, your commute to work is now less than a minute. From here on we are always on hand to provide a full after care service. Some customers like their cedar cladding to weather naturally to a silvery grey. Alternatively annual oiling will maintain it's just built colouring.

About the author

Karl Stokes
Karl is Managing Director at TG Escapes. He has worked in the construction industry for over 20 years working closely with architects, clients, compliance and build teams.

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