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Reboot Your New Year

by roger | Dec 21, 2016 | Blog, Residential

The festive season is fast approaching and our minds are awash with Christmas preparations: food to procure and prepare; gifts to buy, wrap and dispatch; decorations and diplomacy; family and friends. The lists are endless, but before we know it the scraps of paper covered in hasty scrawl will have been discarded along with the wrapping paper and the turkey leftovers and we will be left with the looming spectre of the New Year reboot.

As we doggedly work our way through the lists of last minute things to do, many of us will be metaphorically muttering under our breath. Why did I not begin a month earlier? Why have I not allowed time to make my own cards, gifts or Christmas pud? Why did I not think to shed some weight before the over drinking and overeating began? Where are all the relatives going to bed down?

If any of these thoughts strikes a chord, perhaps now is a good time to be contemplating how you can begin your new year with a change in lifestyle, no matter how big or small, that will alleviate some or all of your Christmas niggles…next year. A garden room is not, however, just for Christmas: It can improve your life throughout the rest of the year. A Garden Escape can be designed to suit whatever it is that you believe will enhance your life. Private gym; home office; art studio or simply a space in which the family can relax together and escape the endless distractions provided by the plethora of screens in our lives.

Many of us succumb to temptation during the festive season and so it is no surprise that one of the most common new year’s resolutions is to exercise more. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most commonly broken.  January is never a good time of year to commence upon an outdoor work out regime and those who have signed up to a public gym, will probably find themselves spending more time queueing to use the equipment than actually working out.

private gym in the back garden can be filled with the kit of your choice, available to use at whatever time you choose, regardless of the vagaries of the British weather. Even better, it is guaranteed to have no queues, no mirrors and no one else’s sweat sprinkled liberally upon every surface.

Perhaps, for you, the thing that would improve your life would be to free up some of the countless hours spent travelling to and from work. Commuting time is time not spent with your family; exercising away the extra Christmas pounds; creating the lovely healthy dishes you resolved to feed yourself this new year or simply relaxing. It is a time in which stress levels are likely to be raised for often lengthy periods of time, which is not good for our health, either mentally or physically.

In these modern times of hyper-connectivity, it is a relatively simple case to make to employers concerning the benefits of working from home, for at least part of the week. So why not have a word with the boss about the potential improvement in your productivity that is likely to be achieved by spending a few days each week working in your own garden office?

You could even take a leaf out of one of our recent customer’s book and fashion a garden room that combines as a gym and office. Or perhaps install shower facilities and a comfy sofa bed, to allow the room to accommodate guests at Christmas, or any other time of the year: clever design features ensure that our garden rooms are economical to heat no matter how low the temperature. Whatever you decide to use it for, a Garden Escape will be designed to accommodate your needs. 

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