Case Study

Luxury VIP and Press Area at The O2

Building type: Waiting room
Project price: £45,000
Completion date: 2007

2007: Our first commercial building

Thanks to our modular timber-first approach we understood from early on that our scalable design and build process was suited to much more than just gardens. In 2007 we worked on our first commercial project, partnering with Barr Gazetas to create a high-end VIP area at the newly relaunched O2 in London. Since then we’ve worked on a range of commercial projects, building everything from cafes to sports pavilions.

When architects Barr Gazetas needed a building at the recently re-launched O2 they approached TG Escapes with the challenge.

The architects wanted to create a VIP and Press waiting area on a floating pontoon on the Thames. The aim was to make the special guests feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable and help make their stay a pleasurable one. Guests would use the building while they waited for the river transport.
We were able to offer the perfect solution, with a light and simple construction that was simple to extend in the future. Made from sustainable materials and with an excellent energy rating, the building is also eco-friendly and sympathetic to the surrounding area.
The building features high-end air conditioning, a zinc roof and security lighting. We were also commissioned to build a security office on the site so their team could have a comfortable space as well.

"We like to think that this Commercial Escape is the ‘red carpet’ gateway to what has become one of London’s most exciting entertainment venues."
Barr Gazetas