Creating Inclusive Spaces With Modular SEND Classrooms

Our team have a wealth of experience working on SEND spaces, from specialist classrooms to larger school blocks. With a truly bespoke design process, turnkey manufacture and installation, and positive, sustainable designs, we’ll create a tailored solutions for your clients.

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Meeting the needs of every student

In the quest to cater to diverse educational needs, the significance of specialised learning spaces cannot be overstated. SEND classrooms are pivotal in providing inclusive, supportive environments tailored to students with unique learning requirements. Our expertly tailored spaces provide the perfect blend of functionality and comfort, specifically designed to support the diverse needs of your clients.

By focusing on adaptability, sensory-aware environments, and accessibility, TG Escapes creates learning areas that are more than just classrooms; they are inclusive sanctuaries where every student can thrive. We work with schools and educational groups across the UK, providing bespoke, turnkey solutions, creating everything from standalone classrooms to larger blocks through our panelised modular system, offering 50 years of performance and designed net zero as standard.

Building exemplary learning spaces

Special educational needs students flourish in environments designed with their unique requirements in mind. Our purpose-built classrooms are designed to intertwine cognition and comfort, thoughtfully designed as a contemporary solution for overcrowded settings and fully equipped with the latest in educational technology. Whether your clients are looking to add quality spaces to an existing school or to create a new facility from the ground up, we offer a fantastic solution.

We’ll work with you and your clients, delivering a solution that meets all of their needs, tailored around their space, the SEND requirements of their pupils, and their budgets. Modular classrooms will save both time and money compared to traditional brick options, while retaining the quality expected of a permanent building. Your client will also benefit from a fast and low-disruption installation.

Tailored SEND designs

TG Escapes’ SEND classrooms are crafted with a focus on inclusive design, sensory awareness, and biophilic elements, each contributing significantly to creating a positive learning environment:

  • Inclusive design: We design accessible spaces that empower children with SEND needs. From layout to acoustics, to door size and hoists, everything will be considered by our team.
  • Sensory awareness: Consideration of acoustics, visual contrast, and levels of stimuli ensures a comfortable learning space. The use of light, sound, and texture is carefully balanced to enhance the learning experience.
  • Biophilic elements: Integrating natural materials, abundant natural light, and layouts that facilitate easy access to outdoor spaces, we utilise biophilic design principles. This approach has been shown to positively impact comfort, happiness, and productivity in SEND students.

All of our SEND features are intentional to foster an environment that not only meets the educational needs of students but also supports their overall well-being, making learning a more enjoyable and effective experience.

Promoting eco-conscious learning

Our commitment to sustainability is a key aspect of our SEND classroom designs. We prioritise high-quality and sustainable design, ensuring that these classrooms are not only effective learning environments but also environmentally responsible. The focus on sustainability aids in integrating the classrooms seamlessly into the larger school setting, minimising ecological impact during both the construction and operation phases.

We use a range of sustainable materials, with responsibly sourced timber frames and panelling, low impact foundations, and recycled insulation. Through a combination of materials, orientation, and elements like solar panels we’re also able to hit net zero in operation as standard across every building.

Modular classrooms for SEND

“Its been a great service! They have had a positive approach to our project overall, engaged with all stakeholders from the outset and delivered a building that the end users appreciated. The works were delivered on time and to a very high standard.”
5 stars

Howard Davies

Project Manager, Aura

Choosing TG Escapes

Every SEND classroom project begins with a free design consultation with our experts.

20 years of experience

  • Hundreds of educational buildings completed
  • Two decades of work across the UK
  • Winners of multiple industry awards
  • Gold members of the STA and Constructionline

Bespoke designs

  • Tailored to your client’s needs and specifications.
  • 50-year intended lifespan.
  • Stylish and timeless timber designs.
  • Emphasis on usability.
  • Minimal site disruption.

    Net-zero design features

    • All of our modular classrooms are designed net-zero in use as standard
    • Sustainable materials are used throughout.
    • Views of nature are prioritised in classrooms.
    • Emphasis on outdoor access.

    All-in-one price for:

    • Design
    • Planning permission
    • Manufacture
    • Foundations
    • Installation
    • Water and power
    • Decoration and finishing

    Start working with TG Escapes today

    With a unique fusion of bespoke design, sustainable practices, and cutting-edge technology, TG Escapes offers transformative SEND classrooms that stand as modern educational paradigms. Combining stunning designs with eco-friendly construction methods, our permanent modular classrooms not only fulfil current educational needs but also pave the way for future advancements.

    Get in touch with us today to explore how our innovative, sustainable SEND classrooms can elevate your client’s educational setting, providing a nurturing and eco-conscious learning environment.