Revolutionising Education with Sustainable Modular Classrooms

In educational infrastructure, the quest for sustainability is not just a trend, but a necessity. As we navigate the challenges of environmental responsibility, the importance of integrating eco-friendly practices in school construction has never been more paramount. As a leader in the field of modular building solutions, TG Escapes offer a path forward with our innovative modular classrooms.

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TG Escapes customers awarded us 4.9 out of 5 based on 190 reviews

Maintaining excellence in sustainable modular classrooms

At TG Escapes, we pride ourselves on delivering modular school buildings that embody both sustainability and exceptional quality. As a renowned producer of educational buildings, our expertise extends from crafting individual classrooms to constructing comprehensive two-storey blocks, complete with classrooms, bathrooms, and additional facilities.

Our extensive experience includes developing specialised spaces for students with SEND and SEMH needs, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility in educational environments. The construction of our buildings utilises sustainable timber for both frames and panelling, a reflection of our dedication to environmental stewardship and commitment to achieving net zero in operation.

The aesthetic appeal of our buildings is a key aspect of our design philosophy. They are crafted to seamlessly integrate with their natural surroundings, embodying our biophilic design principles. This approach not only enhances the visual appeal but also creates spaces filled with natural light, excellent ventilation, and easy access to outdoor areas. The benefits for staff and students are numerous.

Our commitment to sustainability

TG Escapes stands at the forefront of sustainable building, integrating eco-conscious practices into every facet of our operations. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is a core principle, evident in our comprehensive approach to sustainable construction.

Eco-conscious building design

Our buildings, a fusion of innovative design and technology, and natural materials, not only captivate visually but also uphold environmental integrity.

Embracing cutting-edge technology like air source heat pumps and the latest in solar panelling, we strive to lessen our ecological footprint, revolutionising standard construction methods to foster healthier, sustainable buildings. With a vision to become Carbon Neutral by 2024 and achieve Net Zero status by 2030, we have laid out a strategic Carbon Reduction Plan, marking clear targets for each year.

Sustainable materials and practices

Our use of sustainable materials, such as timber from responsibly managed forests and eco-friendly insulation made from recycled glass, underpins this green ethos. The incorporation of Western Red Cedar, known for its low environmental impact, further exemplifies this commitment. Our buildings feature living roofs, supporting wildlife and reducing rainwater runoff, alongside options for natural lighting and renewable energy sources like solar panels.

Through our tree planting scheme in Uganda, we extend our environmental commitment beyond construction, involving educational customers in global reforestation and carbon offsetting initiatives.

Our eco-friendly modular classrooms

“I very much enjoyed working on our Tea Pavilion project with the team at TGE. I found all staff to be both professional and very helpful. It is important to have a good relationship with those involved in making a project like ours a success and I have to say the TGE team made establishing this very easy.”  Matt Roberts, Business Centre Manager

“Quick build time under difficult circumstances. Very professional and went out of their way to help. Especially the groundwork team. A pleasure to have on site and would definitely recommend them.” – Martin Frankish, Facilities Manager

This 10 classroom English Block delivered onsite in 28 weeks.

“Delivered on time and the product looks great.”

Michael Bush

Estates Manager, Ratcliffe College

The key benefits of a TG Escapes modular classroom

Every project begins with a free design phase, ensuring a tailored approach from the start.

Award-winning designs

Over 250 modular buildings for education have been produced, demonstrating our expertise. As gold  members of The STA and Constructionline and winners of multiple industry awards, our quality is reflected in an average customer rating of 4.9 out of 5.

All-inclusive pricing

We offer a clear, upfront price that includes everything from planning permission, design, and manufacture to installation, foundations, finishing, and utilities. It’s a turnkey process for an upfront price.

    Sustainably sourced materials

    Our buildings are constructed with sustainably sourced wooden frames and panels, designed to be net zero in operation. They feature biophilic design elements, high internal air quality, and prioritise natural light, all intended for a 50-year+ lifespan.

    Bespoke design process

    Each of our buildings comes with a completely bespoke design by our in-house team, tailoring things like the size and number of classrooms. We produce everything from standalone SEND classrooms to larger blocks through this process.

    Discover the future of sustainable modular classrooms

    Our unique blend of customised modular design, streamlined off-site construction, and swift on-site assembly sets us apart in the education sector. By meticulously crafting components in controlled settings and ensuring they are ready for immediate installation, we can ensure a fast and minimally disruptive process each time.

    We will work alongside you to bring exceptional, permanent educational buildings to your clients, delivered precisely on time and with sustainably at their heart. To explore more about our cutting-edge modular classrooms, get in touch with us today.