Case Study

Dance and Drama Studios at Hendon School

Building type: Sports and Leisure Modular Buildings | Studios | Halls
Project price: £1.06m
Completion date: 2019

2019: Our first CIF application

We want all schools that need high-quality new spaces to be able to secure the necessary funding. That’s why we work with schools of all sizes on CIF funding applications, starting with Hendon School in 2019. Included as part of our design service, our team helped Hendon secure the money needed for this beautiful, spacious dance studio. Find out more about our funding support here.

Speaking at the new studio opening Craig Maguire, Acting Head, stated, ‘Dance and drama are a central part of Hendon School’s offering. Our talented students can now utilise this wonderful building to practice and further develop their skills and unleash their creativity.’

Hendon School is a popular and highly subscribed secondary school rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted and dance and drama are strong. Their existing facilities were starting to show signs of ageing, meaning they needed a new building to house twin dance and drama studios. They were drawn to us thanks to our budget-conscious and environmentally friendly approach. The budget was tight so an economical design solution was required without compromising on quality and style.

Dance Studio Room at Hendon School built by TG Escapes

The project was partly funded by ESFA’s Condition Improvement Fund (CIF). Barker Associates assisted the school with the application process and was appointed to develop and manage the project. CIF is a yearly fund that schools must apply to to achieve funding. As part of our bespoke design process, our team can collaborate on CIF funding applications, helping schools like Hendon to put together the strongest possible pitch. This is a complementary aspect of our overall service and helps to ensure that schools across the UK get the bespoke modular buildings they need. Find out more about our funding options on this page.

Jonathan Kamya, Deputy Head explained that TG Escapes stood out because we were very approachable and solution-focused. TG Escapes were selected to produce a bespoke design, reduce the onsite construction period with modular units manufactured off-site, and minimise disruption to the operation of the school. The TG Escapes modular panelised system offered the flexibility to deliver the required room dimensions. The build took 6 months and was handed over in time for the beginning of the school term.

'As educators, apart from the need for extra teaching space for our students we needed the professionalism, experience and expertise of TG escapes to build our Dance and Drama studios.They were very helpful.'
Jonathan Kamya
Deputy Head