Case Study

Eco Classroom for SEN at Jenny Hammond Primary School

Building type: SEND
Project price: £203,000
Completion date: 2019

Overall how did you find the service from TGEscapes?

The building itself is beautiful, excellent quality and design.
The team were great to work with and if it hadn’t been for an issue with the planning application it would have got 5 stars.

Why did you want to develop additional space?

We wanted a space that was in addition to classroom space that could be used at play times and lunchtimes by the children for different activities. We also wanted a space that could be used in the day for group work particularly for our children with SEND.

What made TG Escapes stand out from other providers?

Quality and design of their builds. We visited a school that had already worked with TGEscapes and we were very impressed with their building and what they had to say about the positive experience of working with the company.

What are the biggest benefits you have noticed for the pupils and staff?

The biggest impact has been for the children with SEND who now have a dedicated space that they can go to to take part in things like lego therapy and attention autism. It is a space they feel comfortable and safe in. It has transformed lunchtimes as well.

"The building itself is beautiful, excellent quality and design."
Deborah Gibbon