Case Study

Education and community block for GFM Education at Brune Park

Building type: Multi Purpose
Project price: £2.8m
Completion date: 2023

Brune Park Community School is part of the Gosport and Fareham MAT. Replacing an old SCOLA building they selected TG Escapes to design a net-zero modular timber frame building providing flexible classroom space and conferencing facilities to act as a business hub. The building includes nine classrooms which can be opened up, breakout and office spaces, and large atrium.

GFM had previously acquired a TG Escapes building for a music studio at Rowner Junior School. For the new humanities block at Brune Park they interviewed three contractors. TG Escapes were commissioned following visits to Samuel Ryder and Balcarras Schools. GFM were keen on an operational net-zero solution and were impressed by our understanding of their requirements. They also considered a volumetric and traditional build but the timescales didn’t suit. The building achieved an A+ EPC at minus 3.

Kevin Rochester, Head of Estates at GFM says;

“The green aspect is a big plus for us now that we are trying to move into the world of sustainability. We also just felt in the interview that Ryan and Dan were really enthusiastic about the project whereas the others seemed to see it as just another project.
TGE understood us and saw it as a flagship building – they really got what we were trying to do and the interview was very personable and enjoyable. The other buildings were also fantastic but TGE had the eco thing and the chemistry was right.”

Originally the ground floor, with a small kitchenette area, was going to be a business hub for internal teams and local businesses to use for flexible office space. The old building had 11 classrooms (2 of which were small) for the Humanities team. With a full Y7 intake, they need more classrooms and a Y7 tutor base to help the transition from primary to secondary. After tutor time, the classrooms will be used by the Geography and History departments.
The business hub is still in the plan and when it is put into action interior changes will be made, which is made easier because of the partitionable walls that allow flexibility for different classroom sizes and different uses like exams, conferences and staff meetings.

“I love the building. I’ve just looked back to my original sketches and it is as they were. The quality of the build is great and the acoustics between upstairs and downstairs are good. We were worried about vibrations from upstairs travelling down, especially with all the partitionable walls we have everywhere, but there’s none of that.”

MEB Design acted on behalf of GFM as contract administrators. They are design architects of traditional buildings but recently have become involved in assisting modular building companies, putting together planning applications and sometimes acting as employer’s agents. MEB had already assisted on a different building at Brune Park and because of that, the school asked them to act as their employer’s agent to TG Escapes.

Andrew Cowlard, Associate Director at MEB Design says;

“I found that it was very positive because actually, in our role, a traditional job is a lot more involved. And because TGE offers a one-stop-shop solution with their own project management, they almost manage it all themselves so there was less involvement required from my side. From our point of view, it was actually quite seamless and straightforward because TGE took on the project management and actually delivered the project. Our focus was on administering the contract when anything went slightly different to how it was expected to go, but overall it was quite seamless. We just acted as an agent on a limited number of tasks like valuation certificates and contract administration.”

Brune Park Modular Building Plan

Kevin Rochester, Head of Estates at GFM writes;

“I am delighted with our experience of TG Escapes, spanning from the initial tender exercise right through to the successful completion of the build.

Communication: TG Escapes has maintained an exceptional standard of communication throughout the project. Their commitment to providing regular updates, convening scheduled meetings, and offering on-site access when necessary has greatly facilitated a smooth collaboration. Furthermore, their prompt and professional response to queries has significantly contributed to the efficacy of the entire process.

Timeline: We commend TG Escapes for their unwavering dedication to adhering to the project timeline. The timely delivery of the building demonstrates their keen attention to project management, ensuring that there were no delays encountered during the course of the project.

Quality of Work: The quality of workmanship delivered by TG Escapes has been commendable. Operating within a bustling school environment, the absence of conflicts between the contractors and the broader GFM School community is a testament to their ability to seamlessly integrate their operations. The meticulous attention to detail exhibited by all parties involved in the building is evident and speaks to their commitment to excellence.

Flexibility: One of the remarkable attributes of TG Escapes is their flexibility in approaching the project. Their willingness to collaborate with GFM’s preferred contractors on specific components of the build showcases their adaptability. The proactive manner in which they resolved any issues that arose during the build, in close consultation with GFM Education, highlights their commitment to a collaborative approach.

Professionalism: Throughout the duration of the project, TG Escapes has displayed an outstanding level of professionalism. Their team’s courteous and respectful demeanour has made collaboration a true pleasure. The seamless collaboration between TG Escapes and GFM, whenever required, exemplifies their dedication to maintaining a professional and productive atmosphere.”

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"Our experience with TG Escapes has been nothing short of exemplary. Their consistent communication, adherence to timelines, exceptional quality of work, adaptability, and professionalism have contributed to the successful realization of our project. We look forward to the potential of collaborating with TG Escapes in the future and express our gratitude for their contributions to this project."
Kevin Rochester
Head of Estates