Case Study

Classroom at Brompton Hall

Building type: Classrooms
Project price: £52,000
Completion date: 2012

The extensive school grounds at Brompton Hall School used to be empty and unused. As the school’s intake began to rise, the staff decided that they could be used more efficiently to create the extra classroom space they needed. David Appleby, Site Manager, tells us how their new Learning Escape has benefited pupils.

Why did you want to develop an outdoor learning space?

With a growing intake of children at our school, we were beginning to run out of classroom space. We didn’t want our pupils to become cramped during lesson times but we also wanted to be able to increase the number of children at our school. We have extensive school grounds and they had plenty of spare space available, so we decided to make the most of them.

What made The Learning Escape stand out from other providers?

We really liked the look of the buildings that have been designed for other schools. It was useful to have the option to visit working examples of previous builds to see how they fit within a school environment. The team at The Learning Escape was able to create a building that was bespoke to our school grounds and would fulfill all of our needs and desires. The men on site were really good and worked alongside the staff and pupils to ensure they got it just right.

What are the biggest benefits you have noticed for the pupils and your school?

We wanted to create a space that would allow us to bring more pupils into the school and would fit well within our grounds. The Learning Escape designed a modern and innovative building that has given us just what we needed. Our new classroom gives the pupils the opportunity to bridge the gap between the outdoors and indoors. The large glass windows allow them to see what’s going on outside from the comfort of their desk. The natural light has boosted their productivity and having the option to interact with nature has inspired them to be more creative and imaginative.

“The children love working in the new outdoor classroom and it has made them inspired and motivated.”
David Appleby
Site Manager