Case Study

Classrooms at Danesfield Manor in Surrey – Video

Building type: Early Years
Project price: £250,000
Completion date: 2012

Danesfield Manors Learning Escape motivates learning, connects children with nature and helps them understand about sustainability & environment.

Danesfield Manor School is a non-selective independent school for pupils aged 2-11, located in a quiet residential road between Hersham and Walton on Thames. It combines small class sizes and individual attention with a teaching approach that motivates children to be excited about learning. Children go on to obtain places at some of the best independent schools in the area. Danesfield Manor School is owned by CfBT Education Trust, a not-for-profit organisation of international standing in the world of education.

A large development at Danesfield Manor School has recently seen environmentally friendly classrooms built in the school grounds, providing an inspiring environment for learning and allowing free flow play for the younger children from indoors to outside.

Why did you want to develop an eco classroom?

We are fortunate enough at Danesfield Manor School to have school grounds with plenty of space. However, we felt that we could do more to take advantage of the outdoor environment at the school. We decided that we wanted to plan an innovative and environmentally friendly development that would include new classrooms. These classrooms would be designed to blend in with the natural surroundings and be a sustainable investment for the school’s future.

What were the key elements that made TG Escapes stand out from the other providers?

We were aware that the development at Danesfield Manor School was a big task but TG Escapes didn’t hesitate to detail exactly how they could design and plan our classrooms. The team were very enthusiastic about introducing a range of eco-friendly features to our school, including solar panels, and were keen to work alongside staff and pupils. The health and safety of our children was considered at every stage: the auto-mist sprays that switch on in the event of fire were particularly innovative.

What are the biggest benefits youve noticed for the children?

Mrs Chalmers, the Principal, said “giving the children a new setting to learn in has had a big impact on their motivation. Working amongst natural surroundings has enhanced the imagination and creativity we pride ourselves on applying to teaching and learning. Talking to the pupils about the eco-friendly features of the build has been a great way to teach them about sustainability and the environment. We know that pupils at the school for years to come will be able to enjoy this development”.


“ The children find the external views and connection with the environment to be genuinely inspirational.”
Principal Mrs Chalmers says