Case Study

Community Centre at Loxley Primary School

Building type: Classrooms
Project price: £60,000
Completion date: 2010

Loxley Primary School and the nearby community are reaping the benefits of their new eco classroom.

They tell us how their Learning Escape, named Loxley Lodge, has been a welcome change to the school environment.

Why did you want to develop an eco classroom?

We wanted to create a new outdoor space that would benefit not just us, but the local community as well. By developing an eco classroom we felt that we would be introducing a welcome change to the school environment and giving the children, and the community, a new exciting place to play and learn.

What key elements made The Learning Escape stand out from other providers?

The Learning Escape were happy to work closely with us and the local council to ensure we created a building that would meet all the possible needs of everyone involved. The quality of the building is fantastic and we know it is going to last long into the school’s future. As soon as The Learning Escape started showing plans, designs and eco-friendly features, everyone got really excited. The governors are so pleased with our new building, as is everyone else who has used it.

What are the biggest benefits you have noticed for the children?

The children are really inspired by the new eco classroom and it has added a whole new element to the school environment. We are able to use elements of the eco-friendly design to teach our children about environmental citizenship.

"The clever features of the building have greatly reduced our energy bills and are easy to take care of."
Loxley Primary