Case Study

Eco-classrooms at Waterwells Primary Academy

Building type: Classrooms
Project price: £290,000
Completion date: 2016

Waterwells primary school needed extra classroom space for their expansion.

Why did you want to develop a separate learning space?

We are waiting for another new school to be built in the area, but in the meantime we are up to capacity and urgently needed some extra classrooms.

What made The Learning Escape stand out from the other providers?

The buildings look good and will enhance the school grounds.

What are the biggest benefits you’ve noticed for the pupils and your school?

The classrooms are not fully in use as yet, but will be a very nice space to learn in.

How did you find working with TG Escapes overall?

Over all the build team were very helpful and understanding. There were a few issues with the subcontractors, although they were sorted out quickly.


“A very nice space to learn in.”
Nik Marshall
Site Manager