Case Study

Eco Nursery at Gravesend Busy Bees in Kent

Building type: Early Years
Project price: £117,000
Completion date: 2018

Busy Bees is the UK’s leading childcare nursery provider, with 361 children’s nurseries which are renowned for providing rich learning opportunities in unique, safe and exciting environments.

When the Gravesend Busy Bees team were seeking to extend the variety of opportunities available to the children in their care, they approached TG Escapes to create their new nursery building. Their child-centred approach promotes the development of creativity, individuality and self-confidence by providing exciting, innovative care in an environment that presents plentiful opportunities for play, interaction and development.

Rachel Parangi, Estates & Facilities Capital Projects Co-ordinator: “As this was the first project TG Escapes have carried out for Busy Bees, I had initially anticipated there be minor teething issues (as to be expected with any supplier/contractor we use for the first time), however this was not the case with TG Escapes.  The service was fantastic throughout the duration of the project and going from the feedback and the photos I have seen the end results are fantastic too.”


“The service was fantastic throughout the duration of the project and the end results are fantastic too.”
Rachel Parangi
Estates & Facilities Capital Projects Co-ordinator