Case Study

Eco-nursery at Jesters Nursery Childcare in Essex

Building type: Early Years
Project price: £151,000
Completion date: 2017

Q1 Why did you want to develop a separate learning space?
We wanted to provide the extra, specialised space needed for an expansion to our existing child care service. Rather than just providing nursery schooling and/or child care for 3-12 year olds, we now offer integrated provision for 0-12s.

Q2 What made The Learning Escape stand out from the other providers?
We liked the naturalness of their design, their commitment to the environment, the quality of marketing and the value for money offered.

Q3 What are the biggest benefits you’ve noticed for the pupils and your school/setting/college?
Everyone enjoys the light, bright natural space.

Q4 How did you find working with TG Escapes overall?
All the teams were very friendly and professional, our building was delivered on time and the quality of the work was very high.

“light, bright natural space”
Alison Doherty
Managing Director