Case Study

Eco Shelters for Outdoor Learning – Video

Building type: Classrooms
Project price: £60,000
Completion date: 2009

Outdoor canopies and shelters can help to re-connect children with nature.

Our Eco classrooms with large windows allowing plenty of natural light help schools all over the country to get a closer view of nature. However, in some situations we have found that schools don’t need a fully functioning classroom but they do need a shelter or canopy to help them in their outdoor learning pursuits.

Whatever the need The Learning Escape will work with you to provide a shelter designed especially for your requirements. Themed for learning and play, you can enable children to enjoy and achieve in a different environment outside the classroom. Eco friendly construction with materials from a sustainable source gives you the perfect setting towards increasing their opportunities, for exciting learning experiences, that will allow them to explore all areas of the curriculum in a natural setting, and help you to make the most of your playground, whatever the weather.

Here are two examples of such projects.

Roberts Primary Canopy

Roberts Primary Canopy

Year 2 have been involved with a project funded through the ‘Creative Partnership’ programme. The end result is a new outdoor classroom and has enhanced the Environment zone and added another dimension to their nature trail.

Schools from all over the West Midlands will get the opportunity to visit the new shelter and go on the nature trail.

With this new project The Learning Escape welcomed the involvement of the children themselves in the design, encouraging them to be involved in the whole process. Together we created an ideal outdoor learning environment for children by children.

Whitchurch Primary Outdoor classroom and shelter

This flexible space provides multiple opportunities for outdoor learning, together with playtime activity and much needed shelter in an exposed area on the school grounds. It is used throughout the day, for lunch, group outdoor lessons and also a well-used meeting and collection point for parents. It features – the beauty, both internally and externally, of Western redwood cedar cladding, low voltage energy efficient lighting, a natural Sedum roof and cooper trimming.

"It's just a really lovely way to inspire the children in their learning."
Fiona Wood