Case Study

Nursery at Pitmaston Primary in Worcester

Building type: Early Years
Project price: £145,000
Completion date: 2013

Pitmaston Primary School in Worcester needed an outdoor space where their nursery children could learn and play, after the demolition of the temporary classroom they were using.

Sue Bladen, Business Manager at Pitmaston, explains the impact their Learning Escape has had on the school environment and its outdoor learning provisions.

Why did you want to develop a Learning Escape?

The double portacabin in current use by our nursery school was marked for demolition, so we wanted to replace it with a comfortable, flexible space for our children to learn in whilst they enjoyed the benefits of its outdoor location. We are very conscious of the benefits to children of this time spent exploring nature, and the eco-credentials of The Learning Escape really made them stand out from other providers on the market. The speed and efficiency of the build was also very attractive. Since we wanted the transition from one learning environment to another to be as least disruptive as possible for the children.

How has your Learning Escape improved your school environment?

Compared to the temporary portacabin our nursery class was previously housed in, the permanence of their new outdoor classroom has encouraged them to settle in to the school routine and enjoy learning and playing in an environment designed especially for them. Its location in the school grounds has helped us incorporate free-flow play in our everyday teaching, with the full-length doors and windows letting children enjoy the natural scenery from both in or outside of the classroom. There is superb natural light throughout the building, which reduces the need for artificial lighting and helps emphasise the connection between the classroom and the natural surroundings.

How was your experience working with The Learning Escape?

Working with the Learning Escape was very good. We’d give the team a 5 star rating for the speed of the build and its success in meeting all our criteria for an outdoor learning space. It’s very reassuring to know that our building had a minimal impact on the local environment, and these eco-credentials are helping teach our children first-hand about the importance of caring for the nature that surrounds us.

“It’s a very comfortable and flexible space, with superb light throughout the building”
Sue Bladen
Business Manager, Pitmaston Primary School