Case Study

Outdoor Classroom at Gomeldon Primary in Wiltshire

Building type: Classrooms
Project price: £32,000
Completion date: 2012

Based on a small rural site in Wiltshire, Gomeldon Primary School wanted to make the most of the space they had available to create an outdoor classroom where they could teach smaller groups separately. They also wanted to benefit from their wildlife area and use it to teach pupils about Environmental Citizenship.

Why did you want to develop an outdoor classroom?

More than anything, we needed extra space where we would be able to teach small groups of children away from the busy classroom. Outdoor space is very limited on our small rural school site so we needed to make best use of what we had available. We wanted to provide a base next to the pond and wildlife areas so that we could encourage teachers to make more use of the natural surroundings for environmental studies.

What made The Learning Escape stand out from the other providers?

When we first saw the buildings on the website we were really impressed with the style and quality. We wanted something that would blend in with our rural surroundings and the natural look of the outdoor classrooms was ideal. The sales staff were professional and friendly from the start and communication was fantastic throughout the whole process.

What are the biggest benefits you’ve noticed for the children and your school?

The timing of its completion was brilliant as it coincided with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations so the ‘Jubilee Room’had a grand opening! In use, it has provided us with that valuable extra space for withdrawal groups and the pleasant surroundings are a great motivator. The children have also really enjoyed watching the newts in the pond from the window seat and being able to use the classroom as a base in the playground.

The outdoor classroom is being used for a range of lessons and activities and has really boosted the children’s interests in the environment. We’re hoping that this will encourage them to be happier and healthier and to grow up caring about their impact on the planet.” 

How did you find working with the Learning Escape overall?

We found working with The Learning Escape a really rewarding experience.The contractors went out of their way to cause the least amount of disruption during school time and took time to explain what they were doing to classes of curious children. It was really beneficial to them to see the progress of the build.

"Our new Learning Escape has given us the opportunity to bring the outdoors and indoors together in an inspiring, natural space."