Case Study

School Hall at Kymbrook Primary

Building type: Halls | Libraries
Project price: £146,000
Completion date: 2011

After turning their old school hall into a classroom, Kymbrook Primary School needed a new space to play and learn.

The children at Kymbrook Primary School in Bedfordshire are using their new outdoor hall to enjoy playing, performing, gym and creating in a new and stimulating learning environment.

Why did you want to develop an outdoor hall?
We needed to create an additional classroom to provide the space for our new pupils and this meant converting our old school hall. We wanted to build a replacement hall and it was the perfect opportunity to introduce something new and unique to the school. At Kymbrook Primary we like to encourage the children to seek inspiration from the environment and an outdoor school hall was a fantastic solution.

What were the key elements that made TGEscapes stand out from other providers?
The main reason for choosing TGEscapes was the look, design, and price. We had lots of other quotes and The Learning Escape were far more competitive. I also loved the fact the team were so flexible and we could design the building to the schools exact needs.The designs included all of the ideas Kymbrook Primary had put forward, alongside some new ones from the team. The advice given by the team at The Learning Escape was honest and helpful, they wanted to ensure that we were making the most of our space and that we were developing something that would really benefit the children. When we decided that we wanted to raise the roof for racquet sports the team were more than willing to do this. The quality of the build is second to none and it was inspiring to work with people who are so enthusiastic about their causes. We were amazed at how for a small school the team made no disruption to the school it was remarkable how they did it.

What are the biggest benefits you’ve noticed for the children?
Since building the new school hall the children are much more excited about outdoor play. We are also now able to hold after school ballet lessons as the floor has been sprung which is very exciting for the children. The building was set up as a PE hall, but was also used a lot over Christmas for shows and it was really nice to have the space to accommodate everyone. The big windows let so much sunshine into the building and the natural light gives them an extra energy boost. 

“The big windows let so much sunshine into the building and the natural light gives them an extra energy boost.”
Verity Kenyon – Headteacher