Case Study

School Library at Dodford Primary in Worcestershire

Building type: Libraries
Project price: £55,000
Completion date: 2011

The children at Dodford Primary School in Worcestershire can now read and relax in a beautiful and stimulating learning environment.

The children at Dodford First School are inspired and the staff are delighted by the new outdoor classroom installed by The Learning Escape. Headteacher Marianne Baker tells us how they have benefited from outdoor learning.

Why did you want to develop your outdoor classroom?

Dodford First School is quite small and with only three classrooms, all space is of vital importance to us. We had invested in good quality furniture for the library but it was dominating the only extra teaching area in the school. We wanted to develop an outdoor classroom that would give us the space we needed in a new environment.

What were the key elements that made The Learning Escape stand out from other providers?

We met representatives from The Learning Escape at the Education Show and we couldn’t wait to show the Governors the information when we returned to school. We felt that the natural features of The Learning Escape buildings would compliment out award winning Danish garden perfectly.

How are we using the space to deliver outdoor learning & educational play?

Initially we intended to use our outdoor classroom as our new library area but the building is so conducive to learning that we are now using it for one-to-one tuition, small group work, outdoor lessons, art lessons, meetings and PPA time. Its size and inspiring location, in the heart of our Danish garden, is perfect for a range of activities.

What are the biggest benefits you have seen for the children?

All of the staff think that our outdoor classroom is amazing – it is our hidden treasure here at Dodford and we are, quite simply, delighted with it. We now have a creative learning space which offers the children wonderful opportunities to compliment our creative curriculum.

"The children are inspired by working in the outdoors and we've seen a great improvement in their creativity."
Marianne Baker