Case Study

SEN and Staff Room at Hampton Infant School

Building type: SEND | Multi Purpose
Project price: £42,000
Completion date: 2007

The children at Hampton Infant School now have an inspiring space to learn, read and get creative.

Business and Admin Manager Sharron Goddard tells us how their Learning Escape has helped staff and pupils work peacefully.

Why did you want to develop an eco classroom?

We wanted to give the children at Hampton Infant School a little more space and somewhere quiet away from the main school building. We decided that an outdoor, eco classroom would allow both staff and pupils to work peacefully in a new and inspirational environment. Our new ‘Creativity Room’ can be used for a whole range of activities and meetings.

What key elements made The Learning Escape stand out from other providers?

One of the main reasons The Learning Escape appealed to us was the eco friendly design. The room uses sustainable lighting and low energy heaters to keep the room warm, it even has a eco friendly toilet that cuts down on excessive water consumption.We wanted the new room to be as plainly decorated as possible, as we had a few pupils with learning disabilities that would sometimes become easily excited by the brightly decorated main school building. The Learning Escape were able to help us with all aspects and the plain walls and classic decoration of the creativity room meant they didn’t get as easily excited and could work in a calmer atmosphere.

What are the biggest benefits you’ve noticed for the children?

The children really love their eco classroom and the peaceful atmosphere lends itself perfectly to ensuring the pupils who need a little extra help with their literacy have somewhere quiet away from the main school building where they can concentrate, as well as providing a peaceful atmosphere to those who need occupational therapy. It’s not just the children who benefit from this creativity room; it’s also used by the teachers for their planning, preparation and assessment time. This has freed up the staff room for its intended purpose, as a place where the staff can relax.

“The building is not only practical and comfortable; it also looks good and has been designed to be in keeping with the rest of the school.”
Business Manager Sharron Goddard