Case Study

SEN Classroom at Hampton Junior

Building type: SEND
Project price: £42,000
Completion date: 2009

Hampton Junior School have been able to make the extra space they needed for a growing intake with their Learning Escape. 

Headteacher Rachel Kluczynski tells us how their new outdoor space has benefited the children and staff.

Why did you want to develop an eco classroom?

Our school is housed in a building that’s over a hundred years old. As the school has grown and the pupil intake has increased, we’ve been faced with an increasingly difficult challenge to find room for all our needs. We decided that an additional mobile classroom would provide a productive solution to this problem and it would also help cover a hole on the school grounds. It’s not just the children that needed more space, the staff wanted an area where they could work on their PPA or have a quiet meeting away from the hustle and bustle of the school day.

What were the key elements that made The Learning Escape stand out from other providers?

When we contacted The Learning Escape about our challenges, they knew just what to do. They helped us realise that we didn’t need a massive extra classroom to hold dozens of students at a time, we simply needed an additional room that could be used for meetings. The team worked really hard to ensure our new outdoor building would fulfill all of our needs.

What are the biggest benefits you’ve noticed for the children?

Despite the considerable size of our school’s building, the new eco classroom is one of the only rooms that is constantly booked – everyone wants to use it! Many of the teachers sometimes find themselves with one or two pupils who need a little extra attention and the mobile classroom is the perfect place to take them. This also works the other way around too, small music classes fit perfectly in this small room, without the noise carrying far enough to be a distraction to the rest of the school.

"It’s away from the main school building, so they don't get easily distracted, and it’s seen as exciting and different which makes them more willing to concentrate."
Headteacher Rachel Kluczynski