Case Study

SEN room at Manor Green Primary

Building type: SEND
Project price: £36,000
Completion date: 2013

Manor Green Primary School needed to develop an outdoor room that would give them space for specialist equipment and one to one learning. School Business Manager Maureen Smith tells us how pupils have benefitted from working in a natural, inspiring environment.

Why did you want to develop an outdoor learning space?

We needed to find a unique way to make more space in our school for our specialist equipment, all whilst keeping within our main grounds. We wanted to create room to deliver one to one sessions to our more challenging pupils. We felt that an interesting, natural space would inspire and motivate the children, keeping it separate from the rest of the building would help reduce distractions and stress.

What made The Learning Escape stand out from other providers?

The team was professional from the start. They listened to us as a school and gave us lots of useful advice when designing the plans. Making sure our building was future proof was a priority for us and seeing examples of Learning Escapes over the years gave us the reassurance that ours would be built to last. It’s inspiring to work alongside a team as passionate about outdoor learning and the environment as we are.

What are the biggest benefits you have noticed for the children and your school?

The additional area has enabled us to give more one to one learning for our more challenging pupils in a relaxed, natural environment, improving attentiveness, motivation and creativity. We are able to focus on each pupil as an individual away from the distractions of normal school life and give them the attention that they need.

How did you find working with The Learning Escape overall?

Our experience with The Learning Escape was excellent all the way. The guys on site were brilliant, the children loved watching them work and seeing the building come together. It was exciting for staff and pupils to feel like an important part of every stage. We’d highly recommend them.

"Excellent all the way, the guys on site were brilliant, helpful and even turned up from Coventry in the snow to carry on working."
Maureen Smith
Business Manager