Case Study

Staff Room at Spring Grove Primary

Building type: Multi Purpose
Project price: £130,000
Completion date: 2013

The numbers in Spring Grove School in Isleworth have been rising and our team of staff has been growing. 

Why did you want to develop a new staff room?

Our old staff room was, quite frankly, not fit for purpose: it was struggling to accommodate everyone and was tired and uninspiring. We wanted to build a new space for our very hard working staff, to provide a suitable environment in which they can recharge their batteries during this very busy and exciting period of development and growth.

What made The Learning Escape stand out from other providers?

We were initially drawn to the eco-friendly, yet highly attractive, building design which was fresh and different. Upon further research, we were impressed with the high quality of the product and delighted to discover that the pricing is extremely competitive.

What are the biggest benefits you’ve noticed for the pupils and your school?

The benefits have primarily been for my staff, who feel valued and nurtured, but the pupils reap the rewards of their teachers feeling energised and invigorated. Our new room is a spacious, tranquil and airy place in which staff can take their breaks and have lunch and a great environment in which to work during PPA time. It has given a total uplift and more professional feel to our adult workforce here in school.

How did you find working with The Learning Escape overall?

The whole experience was very good and I am more than happy to give them a 5 star rating.

“Our new room has given a total uplift and more professional feel to our adult workforce who now feel valued and nurtured”
Maureen Buckby