Partners in Education

We often work with schools who are looking for some support with outdoor learning or other educational needs. Here are some partners we recommend to help out.

Pentagon Play

Specialists in designing outdoor learning environments which are stimulating and challenging for children. Read more about their approach to designing for schools on our blog. 10 Tips for Creating Engaging Outdoor Learning and Play Environments.

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Felicity Robinson at Landscapes Naturally.

Felicity is experienced in supporting and inspiring teachers and children in outdoor learning. She is also a landscape architect and author with more than 20 years experience in engaging whole school communities in transforming outdoor learning and play.

Outdoor Learning 

Using your outdoor environment can bring a vital extra dimension to all curriculum areas, as acknowledged by OFSTED. Taking the time to plan, in detail, the setting for your ‘Learning Escape’ will pay dividends as the building and the landscape around it support curriculum delivery more effectively.

Landscapes Naturally is very experienced in developing school learning and play environments and bespoke programs for EYFS to Yr6 and in Special Schools.  They run workshops for children, team teaching programs to support and develop outdoor learning and inspirational INSET for support and teaching staff.

Landscapes Naturally can guide schools through the whole process which normally starts with a site visit and an initial discussion with key parties to help develop their outdoor space.
They have skill in inspiring curriculum development outdoors and bringing together all the interested parties from key members of staff to parents & governors and of course the children. This might be through delivering INSET, running hands-on children’s workshops or speaking at a teacher/parent event and it’s this independent involvement which ultimately helps generate a shared vision for the outdoor environment as well as making change happen.
With 20 years supporting and inspiring schools and project management experience from small schemes to major projects – (from low/no cost to £300,000 + schemes) they can help with design, site management, dealing with and getting the best out of contractors, training and helping to secure funding.
For details of how Landscapes Naturally can help you get the best from your ‘Learning Escape’  please contact  Landscapes Naturally.

Liz Williams at Liz Williams Consultancy

Liz is an experienced consultant with broad knowledge of Special educational needs who has worked with children, schools, families, local authorities and the voluntary sector. Her specialisms are SEN, Behaviour Management and Mental Health.

Liz Williams Consultancy offers training and advice for individual pupils and whole schools. Liz offers solution focused coaching that helps school staff improve behaviour management. She is also knowledgeable in advice and consultancy for nuture groups and nurturing practices, ensuring that all pupils feel included and supported. She works with schools as a whole, to develop their SEN and behaviour policies and practices.

She is considered as one of the best qualified consultants working in the field of Nurture Groups and Nurturing practices.

For more information visit  

Russ Hedley at Nature Talks and Walks. 

Russ is a facilitator of nature experiences and could be of interest to any school who are using a Learning Escape to connect students with nature. 

Nature Experiences

If a school is looking for a fun, interactive and educational experience all about nature and wildlife, then Nature Talks and Walks can help.
Their school sessions are designed to bring children out of the classroom and get them exploring the natural world that surrounds them. They will learn about curriculum topics and will be encouraged to take part in all activities which include arts and crafts, fun and games and asking and answering questions about British wildlife.
Through a huge array of different topics, from habitats to recycling, they help teachers to back up the eco-knowledge your students have gained during school lessons. It doesn’t matter how much or how little space your school has, there are always things to do that will help attract wildlife to your school grounds.
Primary school sessions include:
Learning about British Wildlife that can be found at school and at home.
Learning how you can attract wildlife into your school grounds.
Hands-on experiences that reinforce curriculum learning.
Early Years events offer:
Fun filled activities to introduce British animals Interactive items, sounds and sights.
Confidence building for all participants.
Building blocks for maths, English and science incorporated into games.
Bringing children outdoors affects their learning ability, happiness, health and general well-being.  Nature Walks and Talks assist teachers too, by planning everything in the sessions, including risk assessments, lesson plans and CRB checks.