Modular Construction Building Specifications For Developers

Why should you consider timber frame construction for your development?


Precision off-site construction

Timber frame is incredibly strong as well as durable. Pre-fabricated panels are constructed in the controlled environment of our factory resulting in consistent components fitting together exactly as designed. As one of the leading timber specialist modular construction companies in the UK, we bring expertise and experience to every project ensuring a high quality and high precision build process using this beautiful and sustainable material.


Time saving modular construction methods

The frames can be erected and made watertight in a matter of days because much of the fabrication takes place in the factory, with only final assembly necessary on site. This also allows trades to start work within the building regardless of weather conditions, which is one of the reasons modular construction in the UK has become increasingly popular, given our unpredictable climate.

 Additionally, the dry construction method allows finishes and decoration to start much earlier without the need for a lengthy drying out period. The speed of timber frame construction also means less local disruption and a faster financial return.


Low Carbon Footprint Buildings

Timber frame has the lowest Carbon Footprint of any commercially available structural building material. Also due to the excellent insulating properties of wood and our high-performance insulation our timber frame buildings will always exceed the thermal efficiency standards new houses must achieve.


Solutions For Developers & Self-Builders

We are pleased to be able to offer our timber frame solutions directly to developers and self-builders. We design and manufacture timber structures that are made using high quality, environmentally friendly materials, quick to build and ultimately cost effective when compared to other building materials.

Logistically, we are well situated in Coventry, providing nationwide coverage, with easy and quick access to the main motorway networks. With our own in-house erection teams we can supply and install or simply supply only depending on your needs.

Our architects will work with yours to produce an efficient and cost-effective design for your build. We are also happy to help secure planning permission and provide building regs drawings for a one-stop shop. If you would like to discuss your project with one of our surveyors, call 0800 917 7726.

Modular Construction Building Specifications List For Developers

Roof and Wall Construction

Insulated Timber Cassette Panel System min 140mm:

  • U’ – Value Wall: 0.17 W/M2K ‘U’ – Value Roof: 0.17 W/M2K
  • External Western Red Cedar Timber Cladding is sourced from sustainable sources.
  • Insulation is 80% Recycled.
  • High-performance air-tight construction.
  • Optional additional ‘Tri-Iso Actis’ multi-foil insulation for improved
  • U-values. (0.11W/M2K)
  • Suspended acoustic ceiling boards with ACTIVair technology to maintain air quality


  • Hot water provided by instantaneous hot water units which heat water on demand (with significantly lower energy demands than storage units).
  • Thermostatic control to prevent scalding.
  • Space Heating: A variety of heating options are available:
    Wall-mounted Low Surface Temperature (LST) electric heaters or alternatively LPG (bottled gas) heating available in areas with insufficient electrical supply.
  • All emitters are low temperature to prevent burning incidents.

Ventilation and Cooling

  • Air-Source heat pump (larger schemes):
  • Class – AA rated wallmounted remote controlled combined air-conditioning / air source heating (an ingenious system whereby heat is extracted from the atmosphere to provide heating – like a refrigerator circuit in reverse) with condenser unit mounted externally.


  • Pad and pier foundation solution (on 450 x 450 or 600 x 600mm base) with minimal ground disturbance.
  • Alternative: Plinth foundation system (to rest on 600 x 600mm base) or screw-pile system available in areas with more challenging ground conditions.

External Finish

  • All Red Western Cedar supplied in natural state and left to naturally age (no toxic treatments required).
  • Hardwood window/door frames supplied with applied water based protection.
  • Proprietary non-slip cladding to ramped approach and external deck areas to reduce accident risk.

    Internal Finish

    • Internal emulsion finishes to walls. Internal surfaces comprising walls, skirting, doors and ironmongery to be finished in contrasting colours in accordance with DDA recommendations (Samples of finishes can be provided on request).
    • Carpeting or non-slip vinyl to floors (supply and colour to client requirements).

      Doors and Windows

      Centre Pane Value ‘U’ – Value: 1.4
      W/M2K (argon fill specification achieves: 1.1 W/M2K).

      • Draught-sealed, powder coated aluminium or treated hardwood (Douglas Fir oiled OSMO UV) screens from sustainable sources made by specialist manufacturer fitted with High performance units with double glazed coated low-emissivity
      • (Low-E) glass with min 16mm cavity.
      • Optional Argon cavity fill available for improved thermal performance.
      • Optional additional ‘Tri-Iso Actis’ multi-foil insulation for improved
      • U-values. (0.11W/M2K)
      • Suspended acoustic ceiling boards with ACTIVair technology to maintain air quality

      Lighting and Electrical

      • Recessed T5 luminaries (part- L and CIBSE compliant system in areas with suspended ceiling grid (where used) with optional smart control.
      • Recessed 2 x 26w Compact Fluorescent (part- L and CIBSE compliant) low energy down-lighters elsewhere or
      • Suspended or surface mounted educationally -specific fluorescent luminaires
      • External-quality recessed ultra-low watt (3w) LED soffit lights over decked areas.
      • External and Internal emergency lighting (in accordance with BS5266) as required.
      • Electrical provisions included and tailored to requirements.
      • Security alarm systems available.
      • Heat detector/Smoke Alarm(s) included (in accordance with BS 5839 Part 1) with alarm-call points as required.

      Ground Floor Structure

      • ‘U’ – Value: 0.15 WM2K.
      • Insulated Timber Cassette Panel System: flooring to individual requirements on prefabricated floor units pre-insulated with mineral wool insulation
      • Recycled 200mm mineral wool insulation.
      • Optional protective sheathing to underside using 16-gauge.


        Intelligent, site specific design, high insulation values and energy saving technologies ensure at least a ‘B’ rating up to an ‘AA’ rating on those buildings requiring an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC),


            • Provision of new electric supply
            • Provision of consumer unit located at high level (to avoid tampering) within internal store area.
            • Facilities can be provided for ambulant (to include grab rails) or full wheelchair-accessible (to include ‘document M’ pack with white grab rails, seat and hinged arm support, alarm, etc) usage – with appropriate fittings included.


        • Washroom areas to feature individual rooms or cubicle systems (with a range of options) as required.
        • Facilities can be provided for ambulant (to include grab rails) or full wheelchair-accessible (to include ‘document M’ pack with white grab rails, seat and hinged arm support, alarm, etc) usage – with appropriate fittings included
        • Washroom to feature sanitary equipment appropriate for users’ age group for ease of use.
        • Extracts provided to washroom areas.
        • Stainless steel trough sinks with non-concussive taps
        • Waste drainage included as required.