All you want to know about modular eco buildings but were afraid to ask!

How much does a standard TG Escapes modular classroom cost?

A typically sized, 30-place standard classroom (including a small lobby and toilets (75 sqm)) could cost as little as £160k+ VAT.

How much does it cost for initial drawings and design of a building?

We offer a no-obligation free consultation with all our buildings. This means that we will assess the site and discuss the individual needs of the client at no extra cost. From this we will then generate a plan and visualization of the new building along with a comprehensive quotation for the project.

How much has to be payed upfront?

We will tailor a payment schedule to suit your individual circumstances so you do not have to worry about payment until you are ready.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. We make all our prices clear and easy to understand, offering an ‘all-inclusive price’ for the project which includes planning and fittings.