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We design, build and install stunning net zero modular buildings across the UK for a range of clients, with a bespoke design approach and commitment to sustainability.

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Manufacturing stunning modular buildings for our clients

Modular buildings provide a simple solution to a wealth of problems impacting the modern construction industry, from energy efficiency to sustainability, cost to turnaround time. TG Escapes have been producing beautiful timber modular buildings for 20 years, working across the educational and commercial sectors for clients around the UK. Our expertise lies in creating permanent structures that go beyond mere functionality, embracing the principles of biophilic design, and achieving net zero as standard for every building design.

Our modular building manufacturing process is fully turnkey, starting with a bespoke design from our in-house team, and encompassing off-site manufacture, fast installation, and all finishing work. Thanks to solid wooden frames and carefully optimised design, our buildings, from single standalone rooms to multi-storey blocks, are all built for at least 50 years of regular use. By incorporating biophilic design principles into every project, we’ll also create spaces that are positive, healthy, and peaceful. Every project starts with a complimentary design process, so reach out to our team today to get started.



Decades of manufacturing experience

Over the past two decades, we have successfully completed over 800 bespoke modular buildings across the UK, including specialist SEND facilities, cafes, and larger blocks. We’ve earned a stellar reputation within the education industry, transforming the learning environments of nurseries, schools, and further education institutions, while also making significant strides in the commercial sector, providing sustainable work and leisure facilities to clients.

This diversity in our portfolio underscores our ability to adapt and cater to specific sector needs. Our panelised modular system and in-house design team allow us to create the exact building you need, through a responsive, collaborative process.

Our rigorous, optimised process

By keeping our manufacturing process entirely in-house, we can ensure a clear line of communication throughout, and an unwavering focus on quality. It all starts with a bespoke design, built upon your needs and your site. Our in-house architects will be able to alter the design based on your feedback and give you a virtual tour of your new building. This approach allows a great range of room sizes and building layouts to be produced, all with an attractive natural look.

From there we’ll manufacture your building, using a panelised modular system built around solid wooden frames and panelling, helping to minimise waste, and greatly reduce the disruption to your site. Choosing a modular option, particularly a turnkey one, helps to ensure a consistently faster turnaround.

Our team also undertakes installation, alongside all finishing work, from power and water to plastering and painting. We aim to offer a truly malleable manufacturing process, to create buildings at a wide range of scales while retaining our commitments to environmental support and biophilic design.

Bespoke designs every time

Through both our in-house design team and our panelised modular system, we can tailor every modular building to the specific requirements and aspirations of our clients. Whether it’s a spacious classroom, a vibrant office, or a dynamic sports facility, each project is an opportunity to create a unique space optimised for its intended purpose.

Central to our design ethos is the integration of biophilic principles, which bring elements of nature into the architectural blueprint. Our team will work to incorporate natural light, organic materials, and visual connections to the outdoors, meaning our buildings do more than just function; they thrive as living, breathing spaces that enhance well-being and aesthetic appeal. Biophilic design has been shown to do things like reduce stress and enhance concentration, exerting a subconscious effect on all those within a building.

From nurturing early years settings to inspiring higher education environments, and from bustling commercial spaces to fully equipped leisure facilities, our team can build a diverse range of structures, each unified in their embrace of sustainable, human-centred design.

Kevin Rochester GFM Education at opening of Brune Park modular classroom block

“Our experience with TG Escapes has been nothing short of exemplary. Their consistent communication, adherence to timelines, exceptional quality of work, adaptability, and professionalism have contributed to the successful realization of our project. We look forward to the potential of collaborating with TG Escapes in the future and express our gratitude for their contributions to this project.”

Kevin Rochester

Head of Estates, GFM Education

Future-ready sustainability and energy performance

We think that the modular approach is the best way to ensure sustainability in a building, as it reduces materials and waste while allowing careful control over all aspects of production to ensure long-term performance. The timber used in our frames and panelling is all sustainably sourced, alongside recycled insulation, specialist low impact foundations, and a range of energy-saving measures across our company. A shorter installation time also helps to reduce ecological impact at your site.

Using a fabric first approach and the latest ventilation, heating and lighting along with renewable energy such as solar panels, we achieve net zero in operation as standard in every building design. Our use of timber means that our team can also prioritise net-zero in lifetime. With features like living roofs we help to address biodiversity net gain.

Why choose TG Escapes?

Every building starts with a free design consultation and an upfront all-inclusive cost.

Accredited, award-winning team

  • Over 800 modular buildings produced
  • Winners of several national awards
  • Gold members of the STA and Constructionline Platinum
  • Approved partners of ISBL, ISBA and the BSA

Turnkey service

  • Design
  • Planning Permission
  • Manufacture
  • Foundations
  • Installation
  • Water and power
  • Plastering
  • Painting

Sustainable designs

  • Sustainable timber frames and panels

  • Designed net-zero in operation as standard

  • Biophilic design in every building

  • Optimised for 50 years of low maintenance performance

Upfront, cost-effective pricing

We offer a free design consultation with our team and will provide an upfront price for any building. This covers everything from design to finishing, and is a price, not an estimate.

Get started today

We offer a beginning-to-end collaborative process with clients across the UK, starting with a free design consultation and an upfront price for the finished building. Speak to us now to discuss your needs.