Professional Services

Welcome to our Professional Services, where we combine architectural, compliance, structural engineering, and project management to create sustainable, modular buildings.


Our Architectural Department, the cornerstone of TG Escapes’ vision for sustainable, modular eco-buildings. Our talented architects utilise cutting-edge design and sustainable materials to bring your project to life. We prioritise eco-friendly solutions, ensuring each structure meets net-zero operational goals.

Gabriel Cristea - Architect

Gabriel Cristea


Harry Wilkins - Architect

Harry Wilkins


Mark Guyatt

Mark Guyatt

Consultant Lead Architect

Adrian Renete - Architect, Timber Frame Design

Adrian Renete


Project Management

Our Project Management Department is where meticulous planning meets seamless execution. Our seasoned project managers oversee every detail, from initial concept to final handover, ensuring your modular eco-building is completed on time, within budget, and with the highest sustainability standards.

Clive Hicks - Project Manager

Clive Hicks

Project Manager

Tom Hillier - Project Manager

Tom Hillier

Project Manager

Structural Engineering

Our Structural Engineering Department applies rigorous analysis and innovative techniques to ensure the integrity of our eco-buildings. From foundation to roof, we prioritise durable, sustainable solutions for a structure that’s built to last and operate at net-zero

Chris Leese - Design Manager & Structural Engineer

Chris Leese

Technical Director & Structural Engineer

Ronan Macintyre - Graduate Structural Engineer

Ronan Macintyre

Project Engineer

Quantity Surveying

Our Quantity Surveying specialists can provide precise cost estimates and financial oversight, ensuring your eco-building project aligns with budgetary goals while adhering to the highest standards of sustainability and net-zero operation.

Ryan Turner - Commercial Manager Quantity Surveyor

Ryan Turner

Commercial Director

Timber Frame Design

Our Timber Frame Design Department is where we meld tradition with innovation. Specialising in sustainable timber frames, our design team crafts structures that are not only visually striking but also eco-conscious, aligning with our commitment to a net-zero operational standard.

Hossein Makdavinezhad - Timber Frame Designer

Hossein Makdavinezhad

Timber Frame Designer

Nicola Robson - Apprentice Timber Frame Designer

Nicola Robson

Apprentice Timber Frame Designer


Our Compliance/CDM Department ensures every project adheres to all legal requirements while prioritising sustainability. We navigate regulations with expertise, from planning to completion, to deliver a building that is not only compliant but also operates with a net-zero carbon footprint.

Stay safe

Jason Rose

Compliance Lead & STA Site Safe Responsible Person

Graduate Professionals

Our graduate professionals are the emerging talent driving our commitment to sustainability and innovation. Trained in various disciplines, from architecture to engineering, they bring fresh perspectives and enthusiasm to every project, contributing to our mission for a net-zero, eco-friendly future