Case Study

Garden Gym in Richmond

Building type: Gyms
Project price: £23,000
Completion date: 2016

We wanted a family gym and following a recommendation liked what we saw on the website.

Why did you want to develop a garden room?
We wanted to create our own, personalised gym to suit the whole family.

What made The Garden Escape stand out from the other providers?
Having been in contact with another customer we found that we liked the examples on the website.

What are the biggest benefits you’ve noticed, both for you and your family?
We can all use the gym.

How did you find working with TG Escapes overall?
It was a good experience.  Helpful, friendly staff and the builders were excellent.  Had a few problems with a couple of subcontracted staff not turning up when they said they would, but replacements were sent.

Garden Gym in Richmond -Coughtrie.JPG

Garden Gym in Richmond - Internal - Coughtrie.JPG

“Helpful, friendly staff and the builders were excellent.”
Laura Coughtrie
Garden Gym customer