Stunning Modular Music Rooms Tailored to Your School

Our modular music rooms provide customised designs, swift set-up, and years of impeccable acoustics. These sustainable, attractive, and permanent buildings will be carefully tailored to fit your space and needs. Start with a complimentary design consultation today.

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Why bespoke and personalised designs matter

TG Escapes is dedicated to crafting spaces that align perfectly with your requirements. Leveraging our advanced panelised modular system, we offer unparalleled flexibility, ensuring each space resonates with your school.

When designing a music room this customisation allows us to make a broad series of adjustments, from soundproofing to accommodate simultaneous classes to specialised lighting and dedicated instrument storage solutions.

Understanding the importance of every student having access to facilities that best aid their development, our designs can prioritise SEND-specific features. This includes sensory-enhanced areas and flexible configurations. Our goal is to ensure every student, regardless of their needs, feels included and valued.

With TG Escapes, you’re investing in an environment where each student can flourish in a setting crafted for them. Whatever your school needs for its music programme, our team can make it happen.

Create a conducive environment for musical exploration

When encouraging musical development, environment and ambience play a critical role in shaping creativity and inspiration. Recognising this, our modular music rooms can be intricately crafted to integrate nature, serving as a bridge between the indoor environment and the outdoors.

With expansive windows and thoughtfully planned spaces, our structures are designed to maximise natural light. The luminosity not only creates a bright and welcoming atmosphere but also plays a pivotal role in enhancing mood, concentration, and overall well-being. Research has consistently shown that exposure to natural light during the day can boost creativity, cognitive abilities, and even improve sleep patterns.

The integration of these biophilic designs in our modular music rooms create relaxed environments encouraging children to explore, play, and learn. 

Complimentary designs and upfront prices

TG Escapes prides itself on delivering a streamlined experience, managing every nuance from inception to completion. Our end-to-end process, managed by a dedicated team, ensures that every detail, from the first sketch to the final installation, is handled with precision and care. We aim to make the process not just efficient, but also enjoyable for you.

The cornerstone of our service is the expertise of our in-house designers and architects. With a complimentary design consultation, we’ll carefully consider your needs, your environment, and the dimensions of your space, ensuring that the final design resonates with your goals.

Our commitment to you goes beyond design. When we share a quote with you post the initial design phase, that number is set in stone. It’s not a ballpark figure; it’s our commitment to you. This approach ensures that you can plan your finances without the anxiety of hidden costs or unexpected charges. And if you need to modify the design to better align with your budget, our team can find a solution that works for you. Despite their quality permanent status, our modular solutions are reliably cheaper than brick-and-mortar solutions, with a faster turnaround.


Assisting schools across the UK

We’ve produced hundreds of educational buildings, from dining halls to classrooms to larger blocks, offering a fully turnkey service managed by our friendly team.

Modular timber frame music room

“We needed more space for pupils working in small groups and somewhere where music lessons could take place away from the main school building. Perfect!”

5 stars

Bev Carter

Senior Finance Officer, Rowner Junior School

Why Choose TG Escapes?

Our modular buildings come with various economic and eco-friendly benefits such as:

Biophilic modular timber frame building

Biophilic design

  • Natural light is integrated into our designs
  • Commitment to sustainable construction and energy-efficiency
  • Responsibly sourced timber
  • Sun pipes and sedum roofs to blend with nature
  • Net-zero designs as standard
Modular performing arts studio

Streamlined turnkey process

  • Design

  • Planning permission

  • Manufacture

  • Foundations

  • Installation

  • Finishing

Enduring craftsmanship

  • Designed for practical use and functionality

  • Durable, high-grade materials for lasting strength

  • Built with a 50-year plus anticipated lifespan

Timber frame school hall

Unique adaptability

  • Tailored layouts to fit specific teaching methodologies
  • Adaptable acoustics ensure the perfect sound environment
  • Specialised lighting options can be adjusted to cater to various moods
  • Choice of interior finishes, colours, and textures to match branding
  • Accessibility features like ramps and wider doors

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