Eco-Friendly Modular SEND Classrooms for Schools

Designed for the needs of education, our permanent modular SEND classrooms provide tailored spaces that cater to a diverse range of learning styles and needs. A pioneer in designing modular spaces, our SEND buildings offer beautiful, functional, and inclusive spaces, ensuring that every student has access to an environment conducive to their learning and growth.

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TG Escapes customers awarded us 4.9 out of 5 based on 190 reviews

A bespoke modular solution

SEND classrooms are a vital need across the UK to adequately cater to growing numbers of students, with clear regulations helping to ensure each one is a positive and effective learning environment. TG Escapes specialises in creating bespoke modular buildings for the education sector, tailoring them to the specific needs of each client, and ensuring they are bright, comfortable, and fully equipped for learning.

Our eco-friendly modular classrooms offer a modern solution to the challenge of crowded educational settings. Featuring high-performance insulation, attractive timber looks, and a turnkey design and build process, they provide an enriching learning environment for students with special needs. We’ve built specialist SEND spaces for schools across the UK.

Tailored to your unique requirements, our classrooms are the product of a collaborative design process. From the initial site visit and design concept to the final finishing touch, we handle every aspect of your building ourselves, with everything covered by an upfront fixed price.

Leading features of our modular SEND spaces

TG Escapes’ SEND classrooms are designed with a keen focus on creating sensory-friendly environments. Our design team works to reduce sensory overload, helping foster calm and focus, and catering to the diverse sensory needs of SEND students. Accessibility is paramount in these designs, ensuring that every student can navigate and use the classroom with ease. From specialist wider doors, hygiene rooms, quiet spaces, and easy access to the outdoors, we can factor in all of your needs.

Our adaptable modular approach also allows us to prioritise sustainability. Utilising eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient features, they are built with a commitment to environmental responsibility, ensuring that these educational spaces are not only beneficial for students but also kind to the planet. We use biophilic design principles across our buildings, prioritising access to nature, views of nature, and excellent air quality. These principles create warmer, calmer spaces, and can have a profound impact on students and staff.

Our flexible design process

At TG Escapes, we can tailor our modular classroom designs specifically for SEND requirements, guided by the insights of our skilled in-house architects and designers. Collaborating closely with your school, we ensure each classroom meets both the unique needs of your students and the space constraints of your site.

Our flexible design process allows for adjustments to better fit your needs or budget, while our robust panelised modular system, centred on timber frames, offers excellent strength, designed for 50 years and more of heavy-duty usage.

With a history of creating harmonious educational spaces, we pride ourselves on delivering minimally disruptive, seamlessly integrated, and aesthetically pleasing permanent buildings for a diverse range of school projects, from single SEND classrooms to larger blocks.

A focus on sustainability

TG Escapes demonstrates a clear commitment to sustainability in all of our building projects, including those designed for SEND. Our dedication to eco-friendly construction aligns perfectly with the growing emphasis on sustainability in schools, offering a model for school leaders to follow.

We utilise timber from sustainably managed forests and incorporate eco-friendly materials like low-impact foundations and recycled glass wool insulation to minimise the environmental impact of our classrooms. This approach not only reduces carbon footprint during construction but also ensures long-term sustainability.

By incorporating renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind power, TG Escapes’ classrooms strive for net-zero operation, significantly reducing the carbon emissions associated with traditional school buildings. We offer net-zero in operation as standard on all projects, and can accommodate for net zero in lifetime if desired.


Award-winning experience…

In over 20 years of work we’ve produced hundreds of modular buildings for schools across the UK, many of which can be explored through our case studies page. Alongside our recent win at the Education Estates Awards, we’re happy to have received fantastic feedback from our customers, with an average score of 4.9 out of 5.

“TG Escapes provide a real “turnkey” solution, and take care of everything, from design to planning and final installation.”

5 stars

Robert Kay

Director of Estates, Chichester College

What to expect from TG Escapes

Each of our modular building projects begins with a free design consultation from our team.

Modular eco-nursery building

Award-winning quality

  •  Winners of multiple Education Estates Awards
  • Each building optimised for 50 years of use
  • Full turnkey service
  • Over 250 educational buildings completed

Upfront fixed price

  • Design

  • Planning permission

  • Groundwork

  • Power and water

  • Plastering and finishing

  • Decorating

Biophilic designs

  • Designed for net-zero in operation as standard

  • Built using sustainable materials

  • Green features

  • Outdoor access and views of nature

  • High levels of natural light

  • Biophilic design principles

SEND Classroom

Custom SEND-friendly designs

  • Precise acoustic and visual settings
  • Inclusive designs for SEND children
  • Bespoke features like partitions and adjustable lighting
  • Climate and noise controlled environments

Collaborate with us for your modular SEND classroom

In every modular classroom project, TG Escapes stands out as a leader in delivering high-quality, sustainable solutions tailored for educational settings. With a rich portfolio of successful projects across the UK, our in-house experts have mastered the art of creating eco-friendly, bespoke classrooms that meet all SEND educational standards.

Our team handle everything, ensuring that each project aligns perfectly with the specific needs of your school and community. From the initial consultation to the final installation, we’re dedicated to providing seamless support and expert guidance.

Reach out to TG Escapes today to explore how we can contribute to the success of your next educational project with our sustainable modular classrooms.