Case Study

Eco 6th form centre at King Edward VI Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy

Building type: Classrooms
Project price: £667,000
Completion date: 2021

King Edward VI Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy, a part of the King Edward VI Foundation, needed an additional stand-alone space to house their 6th form year group away from the main school building. They wanted something special to help encourage the students to stay on to year 12. This building was completed on time and in budget in April 2021.

Why did you want to develop additional space?

The 6th form students were formerly based in the main school in an area which was not fit for young adults, there was no separation for the 6th formers from the main school year groups and we wanted to give them their own space away from the main school.

What made TG Escapes stand out from other providers?

The eco approach and the design of the building stood out from the rest of the providers. The initial contact with the surveyor was very personable and it was clear he was there to help us achieve our objectives.

What are the biggest benefits you have noticed for the pupils and staff?

The building has given the 6th form students and 6th form staff a sense of pride and ownership and has definitely lifted their spirits. They have seen the building being constructed and were eagerly waiting to take occupancy!

How or where did you first hear about TG Escapes?

Another school had a building constructed by TGE and they recommended to us.

Overall a very good experience working with the TG Escapes team from the initial on-site meeting to formulation of drawings to the construction of the new building and completion.
Hoang Nguyen
Estates and Facilities Manager