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by Mark Brown | Jun 12, 2018 | Blog, Commercial

When you’re working nine to five, seven days a week in the same space with the same people, for most of the year, it is important that the environment you and your employees work in is one which is both inspiring and comfortable.

Being cooped up in a dark, grey space with little change or interaction with the outside world can have a seriously negative impact on not only the productivity of employees but also their general mood, motivation and health. In this article we’ll be looking at the top innovations in office design which help make the work space a place to be enjoyed and fell relaxed within, a place where employees want to be and feel they can dedicate themselves to their work with enthusiasm.

Getting back to nature


In recent years, the study of biophilia and its actual impact on our lives has become very prominent, particularly in the workspace. Simply put, biophilia is the connection we feel with nature and the positive impact it has on our mood and general health.

Whilst biophilic design has certainly been highlighted in residential and healthcare sectors, it is also becoming an increasingly popular concept within the commercial sphere too. Bringing nature ‘into’ the workplace can have an incredibly positive impact on employees and the environment they work in. Studies have shown that an office with biophilic design can improve work productivity by 15% and great increase employee satisfaction whilst at work.

Incorporating biophilic design into the work space can be as simple as bringing plants into the office and allowing plenty of natural light into the office. However, this can be taken a step further by introducing an office which is made of natural materials and combines large panelled windows with sedum roofs to produce an environment very literally connected with nature. Allowing the outside to seamlessly merge with the interior, as well as incorporating eco-friendly design elements into the office building itself, the workspace can be reconnected with nature and provide place that is both relaxed and inspiring for employees.

Flexibility and Personality


Many offices are now beginning to reject the traditional rigidity of the past and introduce a more flexible and multi-purpose work space for employees. Whilst structure can instil a disciplined routine to work, it can also create boredom and lethargy amongst workers. Having different sectors of space dedicated towards certain tasks in an open plan office or with transparent panelling can help shake up the work space a bit and allow people to feel involved with their work.

Movable desks, creative spaces, additional hang-out rooms and relaxed seating can all go along way to make an office a place that is calming and responsive to the needs of the employees as well as their work. Keeping a personality within the office as well as providing social and private space allows for familiarity and choice to enter the work space too, improving the relationship between employer and employee.

This also means employees can switch between tasks and responsibilities seamlessly in a relaxed and inspiring setting, greatly improving their motivation, productivity and happiness. Allow for comfortable seating, relaxing spaces and open kitchens to keep conversations, work and satisfaction flowing through the office so that it becomes a home away from home and place employees can relate to positively.

Transparency and Light


In a similar vein to biophilic design, natural light and creating an atmosphere within the office can make it an inviting and inspiring space. Large panelled windows, ceiling mounted sun pipes and glass office cubicles allow for sufficient light and create an open space within which to work that does not feel cramped or dingy. Light, muted colours within the office can also help reflect this natural light and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere which is enhanced by open space and contemporary designs within office furniture and appliances.

Allowing employees to interact with one another easily is also a great way to increase motivation and productivity. Again, providing social spaces or open kitchens can be a great way of introducing this into the office, however simply innovations such as open desk layouts and transparent meeting rooms can also go a long way to integrate employees into their office space and feel both comfortable and relaxed in the working environment.

Incorporating these simple innovations into your office design can do a lot to help make it an inviting and positive space, keeping employees motivated and productivity high. At TG Escapes, we thoroughly believe that the work space should be one which is both relaxed and engaging, and in our modular offices we aim to fulfil the needs and requirements of any business.

Our modular offices are not only entirely bespoke, allowing you, the employer, to design them to your own specifications and vision, but also are designed to be bright and open spaces within which to work. Using sustainable materials, wooden exteriors, floor to ceiling glass and easy access to the outdoors, our modular offices provide a natural and light-filled space within which workers can fell comfortable and connected with the world around them.

If you want to find out more about TG Escapes’ commercial modular buildings, you can visit our page, or get in touch with us at:

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About the author

Mark Brown
Consultant at TG Escapes - Mark has spent time growing up with the army, studying computing before the internet existed, and founding The London Classic Theatre Company, self sustaining for over 25 years. He trained in marketing with Unilever before moving into advertising as a strategist with Leo Burnett, Creative Director at Starcom and founder of award winning creative agency Weapon7. He has a passion for eco buildings and helps run the social enterprise Street Wisdom, providing free creative walkshops around the world.

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