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Environmentally Smart Commercial Buildings

by TG Escapes | Feb 3, 2014 | Blog, Commercial

When developing our range of commercial buildings, The Commercial Escape always consider the environment and how to look after it. Our mission is to constantly and dramatically improve the construction process, using the latest technology and materials to create an ecologically healthy and sustainable building.

We simultaneously recognise that great businesses need great minds and that great minds need great inspiration. We create beautiful work spaces, using wood and glass, in which employees, and customers, can feel energised and inspired. Each building is unique, designed to fit a business’ individual requirements, including conformity to all regulations. We build for the future of both the environment (through the use of environmentally sustainable materials and methods) and your business. Our modular buildings are easily extendable to accommodate expansion.

Standard features of all our buildings include foundations that have been designed to reduce the impact on the environment, by using a minimal amount of concrete in our unique pad based system. The timber we use comes from sustainable forests which are ethically managed to avoid compromising the needs of future generations. The glass wool insulation used in our buildings is manufactured from a combination of silica sand and up to 80% recycled glass that would otherwise be destined for landfill.

Our floor to ceiling windows and glass doors will bathe your workspace in brilliant, natural light which can be further boosted by the inclusion of sun pipes. These highly reflective tubes capture daylight from the rooftop and deliver it where it is needed thus reducing the need for artificial lighting. Additional eco options available include sedum roofs which are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also serve to reduce water runoff and lower energy consumption. We can also incorporate wind and solar power into our builds as a clean, renewable source of energy for your business.

Our personal and complete turnkey service allows us to provide our customers with a building that suits their unique commercial needs and fits optimally within their chosen location. Any impact on the local environment is minimised, helping maintain a good relationship with the neighbours. Each project is assigned a personal manager who is involved in every stage of the process from the day we make our first site visit to the day you move in. We handle all planning applications and ensure adherence to all regulations. Our in house team of builders will ensure that disruption to the day to day operation of our customer’s business is kept to a minimum.

Our intelligent, site specific design combined with high insulation values and energy saving technologies ensure a highly rated Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) now required on all new builds. Indeed, two of our most recent projects in the education sector have just been awarded an A rating. So, not only should you find a Commercial Escape an economic way to build new premises, you are likely to enjoy reduced running costs in the future.


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