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Five Things To Consider When Planning Extra Classroom Space

by TG Escapes | Feb 26, 2014 | Blog, Education

1.    Apart from the extra space, how can your new classroom enhance the school?

If you are reading this, it is quite likely that your school is one of the many experiencing a bulging intake of new pupils.

It is also probable that you have a tight budget and a need for speed, which might incline you towards a temporary, mobile classroom. However, what if you were able to accommodate your requirements for expediency and thrift whilst creating a learning space that is beautiful, healthy and inspiring? A Learning Escape eco-classroom provides a naturally lit, tranquil teaching environment that establishes a vital connection with nature and the great outdoors. It utilises the very latest in environmentally friendly materials, methods and technologies that naturally introduce the subject of environmentalism into the curriculum, encouraging your pupils to engage with their inner environmental citizen.

2.    How versatile is the teaching space provided: does it have scope for different uses both now and in the future?

Whilst your immediate requirement for extra space is a known variable, the future shape of the pupil structure is a lesser known quantity. It would be nice to know that the building in which you invest today can be flexed to suit a multitude of future learning space needs. Each Learning Escape is individually designed by our dedicated architects to make the very best use of the available space. The buildings are modular making future expansion simple and by installing Accordial Wall Systems you can adjust the classroom to fit a variety of different sized groups of students on a day to day basis. We have developed our core structures to provide a wide array of learning spaces from complex chemistry labs to stimuli controlled SEN classrooms and two storey art studios. And with a 50 year life span and long warranties you also have peace of mind.

3.   What will the day to day running costs be?

As energy prices spiral inexorably upwards, the future running cost of any new teaching space is going to be a significant factor when considering your options. When developing our buildings the environment, and how to look after it, has always been at the forefront of our minds. We are committed to using eco-friendly materials, methods and technologies to create ecologically sound and sustainable buildings. A significant consequence of the way in which our buildings are constructed, is that they are highly energy efficient to run. Two of our most recent eco-classrooms have received an A rated Energy Performance Certificate which, in layman’s terms, is equivalent to the A rating awarded to the most energy efficient electrical appliances.

4.    How can we minimise disruption to daily school life and keep the children safe during the building process?

If your existing school buildings are already bursting at the seams the idea of a direct extension, and all the disruption it will entail, is likely to give rise to a vigorous shudder! It is also likely to cost considerably more than a separate, self-contained classroom. The Learning Escape has its own team of builders who will ensure that the impact of the build upon daily school life is kept to a bare minimum, whilst the children’s safety is of paramount importance. We also take great care to ensure that the building fits naturally and beautifully into your chosen location and ensure that the impact upon the local environment is minimal.

5.   Who takes care of all the paperwork and manages the project?

A building project can absorb a huge quantity of time and energy, neither of which the busy staff of a school has in surplus supply! The Learning Escape will assign you your own project manager who will bear the stress and strain of the entire project from conception to completion. We will manage all aspects of the build from initial consultation and design through to the creation of preliminary drawings and the construction process itself. Crucially, we will handle all aspects of the planning process, including making the application on your behalf. Furthermore, our relationship with our customers does not simply end when we hand over the keys: we are always on call for any after-care that is required.


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