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5 Ways a Garden Room Can Make Summer Special

by Robyn Fletcher | Sep 8, 2016 | Blog, Residential

With summer officially over, and most kids back at school, you are probably left breathless at the speed with which it passed. A lucky few will have loved every moment of precious quality time with their families; some will have enjoyed certain high points and many of you will be breathing a huge sigh of relief that the constant weather watching is done and that the enduring (yet rarely fulfilled) expectation of a long stretch of perfect summer days is no longer a feature of our daily lives.

To be fair, 2016 has not been a bad summer in much of the UK, though residents of many parts of our green and pleasant land (Wales, Scotland and Northern England for example) may be inclined to disagree. However, it is the sheer unpredictability of British weather (and the failings of our well-meaning forecasters) that makes it so hard to manage entertaining the kids for such a long period of time. Here are a few ways in which a garden room may have made your summer just a little bit easier.


Whether hosting a barbeque or a tribe of bored kids, or even just trying to mow the lawn, a Garden Escape provides the perfect shelter from a summer shower, without everyone having to head indoors. Because once ensconced inside, it is very easy to remain there and even when the sun has come out, the humans stay in.

Retreating into a garden room, with full floor to ceiling height windows and glass doors, will ensure that you are fully engaged with the elements and, as soon as the rain stops, you can step back outside and carry on playing, partying or gardening.


Holidays are an ideal time to catch up with family or friends that live some distance away. However, plans that were hatched many months ago can often result in an onslaught of guests at inconvenient times. You know the story: you’ve just returned from an impromptu, spontaneous camping weekend and your in-laws are arriving en masse the next day while you are still trying to get the washing done?

A Garden Escape provides the perfect place to house your guests and reduce the pressure on your own family space. Bedding can be sorted out well ahead of their arrival and everyone can get along with enjoying each other’s company without having to step over the luggage, blow up beds and sleeping bags scattered across every bit of floor space. And come bedtime, no one is forced to huddle hamster-like in amongst your drying holiday laundry.


There can’t be many families that escape the kids’ pleas for a summer holiday camp out in the back garden. And on days when the sun is shining, the ground is dry and the evening promising to be long and balmy, a camp out can appear to be a most excellent idea. And then the tent stays up for a few days…’s so nice to see the kids enjoying being outside. And then it stays up a few more as you are too busy to take it down. And then it starts to rain intermittently for a week or so and whenever you have the time to strike camp, the tent is wet. Before you know it, the wilting tent has become a permanent fixture in the back garden which you mow around as the grass beneath dies. Then next year, you say no.

A Garden Escape means that each time the calls for a camp out arise, all you have to do is dig out the camping mats and sleeping bags and cart them into the back garden. The kit can remain in the garden room for as long or as little as you wish and can be put away whenever time allows, regardless of the weather. And if unexpected guests descend upon you before you get around to the task, well you’re sorted.


Perhaps the grandparents are feeling under the weather or the summer kids club booking that you are sure you’d asked the other half to make didn’t happen: any number of childcare hiccups can occur. And if your holiday entitlement is already maxed out, there may be no alternative but to work from home. However, with children frolicking and bickering and the constant demands for feeding, taxi driving or refereeing, it is not always easy to focus on work.

A Garden Escape can provide a haven to which you can retreat and concentrate for long enough to get the work essentials under control, while never being more than a few steps away from any household catastrophe. You will all probably be amazed at how well the children can fend for themselves when you’re not instantly at their beck and call.


Imagine the end of a typically frenetic, fun filled holiday day. The hallway is littered with shoes, sweaters, sports kit and toys; the kitchen table is covered with the remnants of countless craft activities and meals and every screen in the house is commandeered by a child staying up too late: it is time to escape.

Kick off your shoes and socks and tiptoe across the grass to your Garden Escape. Brew yourself a pot of tea or crack open a bottle of wine, settle down on a comfortable seat looking out on the evening as it settles into night and smile. You love it all really, but sometimes even the shortest distance can bring focus and relief!

About the author

Robyn Fletcher
Robyn has been with TGEscapes for 8 years working in various areas of the company including sales, administration, marketing and customer service with a particular interest in social media. She has trained in business and administration, as well as working for a short time in insurance. Robyn has grown up and lives in rural Herefordshire, she is the mother of a lovely 6 year old boy and has an interest in all things environmental.

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