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Garden Room Interior Design Ideas

by Robyn Fletcher | Feb 18, 2016 | Blog, Residential

“Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.”

Steve Jobs


Of course, Steve Jobs was talking about electronic devices, but the same principle applies to buildings and the spaces in which we live and work. Having decided that you wish to invest in the creation of a garden room, it is worth spending time considering the specific uses to which the space will be put, to which end the right interior design matters.


Interior design is not purely about aesthetics and beauty, but also about functionality and practicality. A well designed space will be comfortable and will function with ease, catering to the specific needs of the people using it. It should enable easy movement, minimizing the time and energy needed to carry out the activities which will take place within it.

Other considerations should include the Installation of energy efficient appliances and lighting to cut the cost of making your space comfortable, and free up money for the things that matter: perhaps for things that look good and make you feel happy. Carefully selecting colours that you love can regulate and enhance your mood and provide a backdrop for the space’s occupants. Art and furniture are also crucial to the look and feel of the room and its ability to promote a positive state of mind.

However, above all else, it is crucial that the layout; the location of amenities and appliances and the lighting, all serve to meet your needs and allow you to fully utilise the space for the purpose you intend.

If, for instance, you want to join many of TG Escape’s customers who have created a garden gym, you may want to consider a range of potential design features. Perhaps a sprung floor for those who prefer a vigorous cardio-vascular floor workout; sunken floor sockets for those who like to use gym equipment without the mess and hazard of tangled and trailing leads or, maybe, a fabulous shower room for a luxurious post-workout hose down.

Fabulous shower room in garden gym

Practicalities aside, aesthetic pleasure is a vital attribute of any room in which you invest to enhance your quality of life. A garden room should be beautiful both outside and in, and should reflect not only your personality but also the intended use of the space.

If you are using the room as an office or studio, you might want a pale, neutral interior to reflect the natural light that will flood through the windows and glass doors during daylight hours.

Neutral interior in Garden Studio reflects natural light

Or perhaps you want to create something darker and more cocoon-like, to establish a cosy, inviting space to use as a guest bedroom or even a romantic hideaway to escape a house full of boisterous teenagers!

Cosy, inviting living space by The Garden Escape

As for artistic embellishment, you could keep the walls plain and bright in order to draw the eye to the view outside.

Contemporary living space by The Garden Escape

Or you could use one wall to make a huge artistic statement, perhaps reflecting a taste that is not shared by the rest of the family.

Garden Room by The Garden Escape with an artistic statement

Likewise, furnishings can be used to create a space, just for you, that is fun and fresh and a welcome contrast to the décor of the main family home.

Furnishings and décor in garden room by The Garden Escape

Or maybe, you prefer a minimalist style, using clever and attractive screens to conceal unsightly clutter that, whilst essential, might interfere with the energy of the space.

Minimalist style with screens in garden room by The Garden Escape.

Whatever your reason for building a garden room, the beauty of choosing a bespoke design service such as that offered by TG Escapes, is that you can ensure your space perfectly satisfies your very own, unique set of requirements. In the words of one of the 20th century’s most progressive and influential designers:

“Recognizing the need is the primary condition of design.”

Charles Eames

About the author

Robyn Fletcher
Robyn has been with TGEscapes for 8 years working in various areas of the company including sales, administration, marketing and customer service with a particular interest in social media. She has trained in business and administration, as well as working for a short time in insurance. Robyn has grown up and lives in rural Herefordshire, she is the mother of a lovely 6 year old boy and has an interest in all things environmental.

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