How We Offer Scalability Through Our Modular Classrooms

Offering a truly turnkey process, our team produce permanent modular buildings for education clients across the UK. These modern methods of construction offer true flexibility, with a fully bespoke design process and a range of adjustable features.

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Providing your clients true flexibility

For schools across the UK, modular classrooms are the ideal solution when it comes to adaptability and efficiency. Through both internal design choices and easy expansion options, they can truly cater to the changing demands of educational environments over time.

Rooted in sustainability and designed for flexibility, modular classrooms are reshaping how we think about educational infrastructure. Our modern educational solutions offer significant advantages to clients across the sector, introducing a new era of adaptable educational spaces.

The versatility of a modular classroom

We specialise in designing modular classrooms to meet the specific challenges of each client. Whether it’s accommodating a surge in student enrolment, creating specialised rooms for SEND students, or designing spaces dedicated to subjects like music or drama, our approach to customisation is all-encompassing. Modular buildings are simple to expand over time thanks to their panelised design. This means we can help to grow a building as a school grows, or plan a scalable building around a clients budget.

We can also incorporate features like adjustable partitions and moveable walls to allow classrooms to be segmented at will. Our education block at Brune Park school is a great example of the many ways our classrooms can be designed around flexibility. Modular buildings also offer a considerably faster design, build, and installation process, helping schools to quickly respond to increasing pupil numbers.

Accelerating development with efficient construction

The efficiency of our modular construction process helps us meet the dynamic needs of educational institutions. This method significantly shortens the timeline from design to completion, enabling schools to rapidly respond to urgent requirements like increased student numbers or new program implementation. Our streamlined off-site assembly minimises disruption to school operations and reduces the overall impact on the learning environment with quick installation.

By constructing these units in a controlled factory environment, we achieve consistent quality and precision, critical for efficiently scaling educational infrastructure. This process minimises the need for costly and time-consuming onsite repairs and ensures each modular unit aligns perfectly with the planned specifications.

Achieving scalability with bespoke designs

Our approach to creating bespoke modular classrooms aligns perfectly with your clients need for scalability, giving schools the flexibility to adapt and expand their facilities in the future. Whether that’s adding additional classrooms to a block, or incorporating canteens, offices, and much more, our team can work with you on a bespoke extension. 

Flexibility for future growth

The true advantage of our modular approach lies in its long-term adaptability. Our buildings are designed for low maintenance use across half a century, and can be outfitted with features like adjustable partitions and moveable walls to allow for easy alterations in layout and functionality. Modular construction offers a cost-effective, sustainable, and quick way to add high quality new buildings to a school. Your clients will be making an investment in their school, one that can adapt over the years to continually meet their needs.

Our award-winning modular classrooms

“They worked to our specifications but maintained the budget that we had available. Any minor queries or amendments were quickly resolved in a professional, approachable manner. They are a great company to work with.”-  Sarah Malam, Headteacher

“One of the remarkable attributes of TG Escapes is their flexibility in approaching the project. Their willingness to collaborate with GFM’s preferred contractors on specific components of the build showcases their adaptability. The proactive manner in which they resolved any issues that arose during the build, in close consultation with GFM Education, highlights their commitment to a collaborative approach.”

Kevin Rochester

Head of Estates, GFM Education

The Key benefits of our modular classrooms

All of our projects start with a free consultation.

Construction experience

  • We have built over 250 educational modular buildings across the UK.
  • Stellar reviews from our customers.
  • Winner of several national awards.
  • Gold members of the STA and Constructionline Platinum.

One fixed price for

  • Planning permission
  • Groundwork
  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Installation
  • Electrics and plumbing
  • Plastering and finishing
  • Decoration

Net-zero biophilic designs

  • All modular buildings can be made net-zero in use.
  • Crafted using only sustainable materials.
  • Emphasis on outdoor access.
  • High levels of natural light.

Bespoke classrooms

  • Designed to your client’s specific needs.
  • 50-year intended lifespan.
  • Emphasis on usability.
  • Minimally disruptive installations.

Your partner in educational progress

TG Escapes is renowned for delivering exceptional modular buildings throughout the UK, each with a robust 50-year lifespan, embodying our dedication to sustainability and biophilic design. Our transparent, customer-centric approach ensures every modular solution is meticulously tailored to meet your client’s educational aspirations.

Our complimentary design service and comprehensive all-in-one pricing provide clarity and ease for you and your client. Embracing scalability, our buildings adapt seamlessly to evolving educational needs. Choose TG Escapes as your trusted partner in shaping the future of your client’s educational environment. Reach out today to explore our free design service and discuss your requirements.