How Our Modular School Buildings Can Boost Academic Performance

Our team of architects utilises biophilic design principles within every school building we create. By connecting students with nature, these principles can reduce stress and enhance academic performance, fostering a positive learning environment for all.

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Award-Winning Modular Solutions for Your School

Secondary Schools

We have a wide range of buildings available for secondary schools and provide a number of bespoke solutions.

Primary Schools

We provide bespoke modular solutions for primary schools, including classrooms, dining halls and more.

Nurseries/ Early Years

If you have a nursery or early years school, then we have tailored and flexible modular building options available.

Independent Schools

Do you have an independent school and require something specific? We have a wide range of solutions for you.

Connect with nature through our modular school buildings

We create bespoke school buildings for clients across the UK, with a turnkey process that ensures a seamless experience from design to installation. Each building is produced with a firm commitment to quality and sustainability, with our team utilising biophilic design principles throughout.

By integrating natural elements into our buildings, we create environments that have a demonstrable impact on student well-being and academic performance. From reducing stress levels to enhancing attention and improving exam results, our buildings provide positive and peaceful spaces for both students and staff. Our team is ready to provide a solution tailored to meet the unique needs of your school.

How we utilise biophilic design principles

Biophilic design is a concept that aims to connect buildings with the natural world, creating healthier and more engaging environments in the process. First defined in the 1970s, this term incorporates elements such as natural light, views of nature, access to green spaces, and the use of natural materials, all of which are intended to foster a sense of well-being and promote productivity.

TG Escapes incorporate biophilic principles into every building we create. We maximise natural light through careful design and the use of features like sun pipes, ensuring bright and welcoming interiors. We also provide access to the outdoors with covered walkways and floor-to-ceiling glass doors. Large windows provide views of the surroundings whenever possible, promoting a sense of connection with the outdoor environment. Our ventilation systems prioritise fresh air circulation, contributing to a healthier indoor environment. In combination, these features can offer several pronounced benefits to the students and staff of your school.


How our school buildings support better academic performance

Our commitment to biophilic design ensures that every aspect of our buildings is crafted to provide clear advantages for staff and students:

  • Improved academic performance: Research indicates that biophilic learning spaces enhance cognitive function and concentration. Students studying in such environments demonstrate improved academic performance and increased engagement compared to those in standard ones.
  • Stress reduction: By integrating elements such as natural light and views of nature, biophilic design principles create a calming and soothing environment. This helps reduce stress levels among students and staff, fostering a positive learning atmosphere.
  • Enhanced well-being: Access to nature and outdoor spaces within a school environment contributes to the physical and mental well-being of students by promoting exercise and positive social interaction.
  • Sustainability: Biophilic design aligns with sustainability goals, allowing schools to reduce their carbon footprint and meet environmental targets.

By embracing biophilic design, schools can create positive, sustainable spaces that prioritise the well-being and academic success of their students.


Decades of award-winning experience…

In nearly 20 years of work we’ve produced hundreds of modular buildings for schools across the UK, many of which can be explored through our case studies page. Alongside our recent win at the Education Estates Awards, we’re happy to have received fantastic feedback from our customers, with an average score of 4.9 out of 5.

We wanted to embrace learning without walls and the design of our new school building opens up our classrooms to the outdoors so wonderfully, the opportunities are endless!”

Helen Jeffries

Head of School , The Shires at Oakham

Working with TG Escapes

Every modular school building project starts with a free design consultation from our in-house team.

Proven quality

  • Hundreds of educational buildings produced
  • Fantastic feedback from customers
  • Winners of multiple industry awards
  • Members of Constructionline Gold and ISBL

All-in-one price

You’ll get an all-in-one price, covering:

  • Planning permission

  • Design

  • Ground prep

  • Manufacture

  • Installation

  • Water and power

  • Bathrooms

  • Plastering and painting

Long-term sustainability

  • Designed for 50 years of regular use

  • Sustainably sourced timber panels

  • Biophilic design elements

  • Can be specified to achieve net zero in operation

Bespoke designs

Our team of in-house architects will work with you on a bespoke design, utilising our panelised modular approach to endlessly customise in order to meet your needs. We’ve produced everything from single classrooms to two-storey blocks.

    Our beautiful, health-enhancing spaces for UK schools

    Our team is dedicated to providing schools with beautiful, durable, and bespoke buildings that incorporate the principles of biophilic design. We’ll work closely with you to create a custom design that enhances the physical and mental well-being of your students, resulting in happier individuals and improved academic performance.

    Take the first step towards transforming your school environment with our free design process. Speak to a member of our experienced team today to discuss your unique requirements and explore the possibilities of creating a space that truly benefits your students.