Modular School Buildings That Meet Your Budget

We produce modular buildings for schools across the UK that are both high-quality and cost-effective. By providing a free design service and an upfront all-in-one price for every project, we’ll ensure a building that meets both your educational needs and your budget.

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TG Escapes customers awarded us 4.9 out of 5 based on 190 reviews

Modular school buildings to fit your school budget

Secondary Schools

We have a wide range of buildings available for secondary schools and provide a number of bespoke solutions.

Primary Schools

We provide bespoke modular solutions for primary schools, including classrooms, dining halls and more.

Nurseries/ Early Years

If you have a nursery or early years school, then we have tailored and flexible modular building options available.

Independent Schools

Do you have an independent school and require something specific? We have a wide range of solutions for you.

Award-winning modular school buildings that save money

In schools across the UK, the need for additional space is a pressing issue. Whether it’s replacing outdated structures or accommodating growing student populations, the cost of building projects can quickly escalate. TG Escapes provides the perfect solution, constructing visually stunning, sustainable, and long-lasting school buildings at competitive prices.

Our process always begins with a free design, carefully tailored to meet your unique requirements. This will be accompanied by an upfront price that will remain unchanged throughout the project, with our team handling everything from the initial design to the final handover of keys. Get the building your school needs on time and on budget with TG Escapes.

How building costs can be prohibitive to schools

Schools across the UK face numerous challenges with their existing buildings. Many structures fail to meet modern standards, with issues like poor insulation, dampness, and overcrowding resulting in unattractive learning environments. These subpar conditions hinder the progress of both schools and students.

Many schools are also grappling with a lack of space due to increasing student numbers or the need to cater to specific requirements like special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Traditional brick-and-mortar buildings come at high costs, whether constructing standalone buildings or expanding existing ones. Additionally, budget estimates are often far exceeded during these projects thanks to unforeseen issues. This can make adding vital educational space unattainable for many schools, depriving students of the optimal learning experience they deserve.

How modular buildings will save your school money

Modular buildings offer significant cost-saving advantages compared to traditional construction methods. Here’s how our modular approach will save your school money:

  • Reduced material requirements: Our modular buildings are designed to optimise material usage without compromising on quality. This means fewer resources are needed, resulting in cost savings without sacrificing structural integrity or aesthetics.
  • Efficient off-site manufacture: Modular construction takes place in a controlled factory setting, eliminating weather-related delays and ensuring precise manufacturing. This process also limits material waste, further reducing costs.
  • Quick on-site installation: Each modular panel will be swiftly transported to your school site and assembled by our team efficiently. This streamlined process requires less labour compared to traditional construction methods, resulting in additional cost savings.

Turnkey solutions for a single clear price

TG Escapes are a renowned provider of modular school buildings across the UK, with nearly 300 completed educational projects and several prestigious industry awards. Our modular approach offers significant cost advantages for schools over traditional brick-and-mortar construction. By utilising efficient off-site manufacturing, we are able to pass on substantial savings to our clients. And, thanks to quick on-site installation, projects are completed far quicker than traditional methods, further reducing costs and minimising disruption to your schools’ operations.

We offer a free design service to all clients, allowing school leaders to visualise their ideal building and ensure that it meets their specific requirements before we commence work. We’ll also provide a thorough and accurate cost for the entire project, which is the price you’ll pay, not an estimate. Our turnkey service covers every aspect, from initial design to final installation, providing a hassle-free experience for schools.

When you work with TG Escapes, you’ll get a fantastic upfront price for a building designed to enhance your school’s learning environment for years to come.

TG Escapes customers awarded us 4.9 out of 5 based on 190 reviews


Decades of award-winning experience…

In over 20 years of work, we’ve produced hundreds of modular buildings for schools across the UK, many of which can be explored through our case studies page. Alongside our recent wins at the MMC and Education Estates Awards, we’re happy to have received fantastic feedback from our customers.

TG Escapes customers awarded us 4.9 out of 5 based on 190 reviews

Sectional modular school building interior

“Fantastic from start to finish! The team listened to our requirements and provided a solution that met our needs. We were involved in progress meetings and kept informed as the work progressed. Project completed within deadlines and within budget.”​

Tina Denham
School Bursar

Working with TG Escapes

Every educational building we produce starts with a free design service.

Clear upfront price

  • Free bespoke design service
  • Clear upfront prices for work
  • Adjustments to meet your budget
  • Cost-effective modular builds

Turnkey service

  • Design
    Planning permission
    Power and water

Our experienced team

  • 20 years of experience

  • Over 250 educational buildings produced

  • Winner of multiple industry awards

  • Commitment to excellence and sustainability

Our fantastic buildings

  • Intended 60-year lifespan
  • Fully bespoke design process
  • Sustainable materials
  • Biophilic design principles
  • Net zero in operation

Get a free bespoke design and a comprehensive price

We want to provide you with the best learning environment for your pupils and staff, whatever your budget. With a free design service and upfront pricing model, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and what you’ll pay, with design adjustments available to fit your budget

Enquire today to learn more about our amazing buildings and service, or to start work on your complimentary design consultation.