Eco-friendly Modular Buildings

Offering a turnkey solution for our customers, we design, build, deliver, and install eco-friendly modular buildings for schools and commercial businesses across the UK. TG Escapes have produced hundreds of bespoke modular buildings, each built around biophilic design principles in order to create bright, comfortable spaces while meeting all upcoming net-zero regulations. 

Whether it’s our homes, workspaces, schools or nurseries, we believe that buildings should be inspiring and beautiful places. At TG Escapes, it’s this philosophy that underpins our eco-friendly modular buildings – delivering both style and substance in today’s world.

What is a modular building?

A modular building is one that is constructed using prefabricated components that are built off-site and then assembled on location as a permanent building. This approach to construction brings with it a number of key benefits, with a quicker build programme and lower costs than traditional build techniques. Offsite construction also cuts emissions, by reducing the need to transport materials to a construction site. 

Modular construction techniques are rapidly growing in popularity, used for everything from homes to larger commercial buildings.

Our eco-friendly modular buildings also promise a range of other environmental and well-being advantages. We understand the importance of natural light in interior design and strive to create energy-efficient spaces that work seamlessly with the natural world. Our timber frame modular buildings are manufactured to be net-zero in operation through the use of appropriate renewable energy technology, already meeting the building regulations that all companies will have to adhere to in the future.

Every building we produce starts with a bespoke design from our in-house architects, with our flexible manufacturing process allowing us to make schools, commercial sport and leisure buildings, and offices, as well as nurseries and early years buildings.

An eco-friendly modular building company

At TG Escapes, we have always been incredibly passionate about the environment, which informs every stage of our eco-friendly modular buildings solution.

We ensure that all materials used in our buildings are responsibly sourced, starting with our timber which is carefully cultivated in sustainable forests under the FSC or PEFC schemes. We also ensure that our eco-friendly modular buildings are well-insulated, with recycled glass wool reducing energy consumption across their use.

During the design and construction process, we can work with our customers to include a huge range of eco-friendly options within their buildings, including sun pipes and sedum roofs.

Bespoke eco-friendly spaces that work with nature

Throughout the construction of our eco-friendly modular buildings, whether we’re creating a space for work, learning, or recreation, we strive to make sure that natural elements are included at every opportunity, allowing the building’s occupants to truly connect with nature.

This principle also extends to the materials used to construct the building, with our team incorporating textures that reflect or mimic those found in nature. Natural light and high air quality are essential in our spaces, alongside views and access to the natural world outside.

This process is called biophilic building design, which we use to create spaces that are connected to the natural world. We provide the option of including living roofs in our eco-friendly modular buildings, as well as other external biodiversity features including bat boxes, birdhouses, trees and wildflowers. This not only adds more biophilic design features to a project but also helps the wider community to engage in environmental citizenship.

Modular buildings for schools

Construction that connects the inside and the outside

Our eco-friendly modular buildings also seamlessly connect indoor spaces with the outside world, with a specific focus on combating Nature Deficit Disorder.

This is defined as the human cost of alienation from the natural world, with less time spent outdoors and more time in front of a screen thought to have a detrimental impact on overall health and mental well-being. This is especially important when it comes to children, specifically their behaviour and capacity for learning.

Our eco-friendly modular education buildings, from nursery to secondary school, seamlessly blend the work and pleasure of teaching and learning with the life-enhancing effects of the natural world, with a focus on creating outdoor learning environments.

Our large doors open onto covered decking allowing increased contact with nature to improve the way children learn, both formally and informally. Outdoor learning brings with it a range of benefits, from cognitive and social to behavioural and interpersonal.

Modular buildings for commercial use

Classrooms that see the light

Exposure to natural light plays a key role in the design of our eco-friendly modular buildings, from our floor-to-ceiling windows providing beautiful views of nature, to our covered decking providing easy access to the outdoors,

Exposure to natural light stimulates the production of serotonin in our bodies, which is vital for many of our physiological functions like our appetites, our ability to regulate sleep and our digestive functions. It also offers psychological benefits, helping to maintain mood balance which is vital for promoting a sense of happiness and combating depression.

At TG Escapes, we create bespoke modular buildings that maximise the use of natural light, both for the benefit of the people that use them, but also to reduce energy consumption and light pollution.

Modular buildings for the UK

Discover more about our eco-friendly modular buildings and their uses as commercial properties, schools, leisure buildings and nurseries through our website, and speak to a member of our team to find out how our team can create a stunning, sustainable modular building that meets all of your needs. Every project starts with a FREE consultation so we can understand your detailed requirements and deliver the best quality solution for you.