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Multi-storey Modular Buildings

Jun 9, 2022 | Uncategorized

Working spaces need to be both attractive and inspirational places to be. Natural light, comfort, space and dynamism are all essential components to create an enjoyable environment in which people are to work and spend their time. It is also key that these spaces operate in harmony with the environment.

This is the ethos that underpins the development of our multi-storey modular buildings. Whether for office spaces or commercial buildings, we create larger eco-friendly buildings with small footprints in both the spatial and carbon sense.

Why develop modular multi-storey buildings?

Multi-storey buildings have been an effective way to construct offices and commercial properties for decades simply because they offer a large functional space without expanding the building over large swathes of land. By building up rather than across you considerably reduce the footprint of the structure making it a highly-effective way to build. In addition, given that land is becoming scarcer to find and develop in the UK, it is a popular option chosen by many planners, builders and construction companies.

But the construction process of multi-storey buildings can be a costly one in terms of time and money. They often take several months and even years to complete. And when construction occurs onsite, plenty of care and attention must be taken not to cause any issues to any buildings in the vicinity.

Modular multi-storey buildings, however, offer a cost and time effective solution to these challenges, while simultaneously providing a low carbon, eco-friendly outcome.

The construction of multi-storey modular buildings

Modular buildings are constructed using pre-fabricated components which are built off site and then assembled on location.

By developing buildings in this way, you immediately reduce the costs and time associated with traditional on site construction which is especially important when it comes to larger multi-storey buildings. With the build happening much faster and with limited construction activity on the site itself, it reduces any potential disruption for the buildings in close proximity. Emissions in the construction of the building will also be dramatically cut as there will be a reduced need to transport materials to site.

Eco-friendly multi-storey modular building construction

At TG Escapes it is not just the construction method of our multi-storey modular buildings that offer environmental benefits, we also make sure that every material used is responsibly sourced. For example the timber we use to construct our buildings is sourced purely from sustainable forests where more trees are planted than harvested, while every one of our buildings is insulated with recycled glass wool to make them as energy-efficient as possible.

Crucially, at the design and construction phases, we also offer our customers a range of different eco-friendly options from which to select. This means that even multi-storey buildings can be built to work alongside the natural environment, rather than against it. All the modular multi-storey buildings we create at TG Escapes are also made to exacting standards and within all building regulations.

Making the best use of natural light

At TG Escapes, we work together with our expert in-house architects to produce stunning multi-storey designs that maximise the penetration of natural light in the interior of our buildings.

Natural light is key when our multi-storey modular buildings are used as offices and commercial buildings, as exposure to it helps people’s bodies to produce serotonin which is vital for many essential physiological functions such as appetite, sleep regulation and digestive function. It even benefits mood, helping people to feel happier day-to-day.

Floor to ceiling glass doors and windows along with sun pipes are key design features.

Hitting your net-zero commitments with a bigger working space

As your business grows and the headcount of your team increases, it can be hard to keep pace with your net-zero and carbon-neutral ambitions. But by opting to provide your employees with a modular multi-storey building you can enhance your net-zero objectives even with a growing team and bigger working space.

At TG Escapes, we follow a strict construction ethic of sustainability and energy efficiency when it comes to all our modular buildings. We already design modular buildings that are net-zero in operation, with the use of appropriate renewable technology, whilst our current construction techniques fulfil the vast majority of net-zero construction recommendations.

Discover more about our eco-friendly multi-storey modular buildings and their uses as commercial properties and offices. You can get in touch with us to find the right solution for your needs. Every project starts with a FREE site visit and survey so we can understand your detailed requirements to deliver the best quality solution for you.

Multi-storey modular building in mixed cladding



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